PUBG Patch 10.2 bringt neues Fahrzeug und Ruf-System auf Testserver

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds just got a new test server update! The patch notes of PUBG version 10.2 reveal details about the content. In addition to some esport-related changes, there is a new vehicle and a call system!

  • In-game live stream screens for esports
  • New vehicle: Coupe RB
  • New reputation system against toxic behavior
  • Ranked mode update, stunt emotes, and much more …
  • Live stream screens for esport events

This is new: On the occasion of the return of the esports format PUBG Global Invitational, you can watch in-game on large screens as the best of the best fight for the chic dinner.

You can also watch the tournament via the lobby. If the Livestream is offline, the PUBG Global Invitational trailers will be shown!

If you are not interested in the tournament, you can turn off the live streams under Settings> Gameplay> Features.

PUBG 10.2 Patchnotes Global Invitational 2021 Livestream in game
According to the patch notes for version 10.2, you can watch the PUBG Global Invitational 2021 ingame on 10 large screens.

New vehicle

This is new: PUBG patch 10.2 does not only bring great news for esports fans. The new Coupe RB is here! The most important data about the vehicle:

  • Maximum capacity: 2 people (driver, passenger)
  • Maximum speed: 150 km / h
  • Spawns on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok

Here is the new vehicle:

PUBG Patch Notes 10.2 Testserver-Update: Das neue Fahrzeug Coupe RB ist da
Coupe RB in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds 10.2

New feature: Reputation system

What’s new: Reputation will play a role in PUBG in the future! The developers want to counteract toxic behavior. The call will in the future be displayed in the team finder – a value from zero to five is defined.

Playing rounds will build your reputation as long as you don’t resort to toxic or otherwise inappropriate behavior. According to the developers, they want to ensure that killing among each other is a bit more civilized.

Ranked Mode Update + Stunt Emotes

What’s new: With the new patch 10.2, PUBG is updating the penalties for leaving the ranked list mode to give players a leeway in certain situations to leave without punishment.

Leaver penalties should be waived for players who are still ALIVE and leave within 5 minutes of the plane taking off if the player:

  • queues for squads and uses matchmaking to find other players AND
  • the aircraft then takes off with an incomplete team (team with less than 4 players in Ranked Squad Mode), AND
  • a member of the player’s prepared team did not leave the game before the plane took off.

If a player qualifies for the leaver penalty waiver by leaving the match, the match will be deemed to be non-competitive for that player. This means:

  • No statistics are recorded on his career page
  • No change is made to its RP.
  • There are no matchmaking penalties.
  • Players will receive all the Pass XP and BP that they would have earned as usual.

According to Patch Notes: Stunt Emotes are coming with PUBG 10.2

What’s new: Have you always missed a little freestyle with the dirt bikes in PUBG? With 10.2 you should be happy. Stunt emotes make biker hearts beat faster!

  • 6 standard stunts can be performed.
  • The stunts can only be triggered in the air when the player is not about to ram anything.
    • Hold down the left mouse button to begin a stunt emote.
    • Release the left mouse button to end the stunt
  • Note: The horn unfortunately had to believe it. It has been replaced with the stunt emotes. Good swap? Write your opinion in the comments!
PUBG Patchnotes 10.2: Stunt Emotes Motorrad
Yay! Dirtbike-Stunts in PUBG.

PUBG Patch Notes 10.2: The test server update in detail


QoL Improvements

Alarm System

  • Click on the top right notification center icon to see stacked notifications.
  • When acquiring an item or a currency from out-game event etc. will toggle an notification
  • A message will be shown in the notification center to let you know if an item or currency is soon to expire.

Store QoL Improvements

  • Opening crates upon purchase
    • Players now can open purchased crates (Set, crate, random rate items) right way in the “Purchase complete” pop-up screen.
  • ‘Move to store’ button has been added when browsing an empty item category in the Customize Tab.

Lobby Chat system QoL Improvement

    • Some cases of reports has been received that when using certain language input in our lobby chat system, client would minimize preventing the use of chat system.
      • We have added a new message to guide players to change their display settings to Windowed or Borderless mode in order to use IME.


Discord x PUBG Party Invite Feature

We know that many of our players use Discord as their main source of communication and so we’ve implemented Discord’s party feature, making your experience smoother overall.  Team up with other players in your favorite Discord server much quicker and more convenient way!

Read more details from Discord on integrated game invites and rich presence here.


Q. I’m running Discord in a browser and party invite feature doesn’t work!
A. The party invite feature is only available for use in Discord App.

Q. I sent a ‘Ask to Join’ request to my friend currently in-game but I cannot join the party!
A. Try refreshing your lobby once your friend exits to the game lobby.

Q. I cannot re-join the party I’ve just left!
A. Try refreshing your lobby after accepting the invite.

Q. A player I’ve just banned from the party is requesting to join the party via Discord party invite.
A. Banning a player from a party only prevents them from sending you in-game invites via the PUBG system, we recommend blocking any users on Discord you find disruptive.


  • Improved CPU performance by reducing physics calculation costs of invisible physics actors (vehicles, characters)
  • Improved cases of hitching and FPS drops occurring when loading maps (and when entering and maneuvering the world)
  • Reduced hitches occurring when updating a character.

Skins & Items

  • Graffiti themed skin: 4 set items, 12 individual items (Sales period: 2021-1-13 Live server maintenance ~ 2022-1-12 Live server maintenance)
  • Lunar New Year – King and Royal Bodyguard: 6 Set items, 13 individual items (Sales period: 2021-2-3 Live server maintenance ~ 2022-3-3 Live server maintenance)

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the issue where some pass missions could not be completed on Haven.
  • Fixed the issue where player could respawn in TDM with a Ghillie Suit equipped.
  • Fixed an issue which caused foliage to clip through vehicles on certain maps while in FPP mode.
  • Fixed the case where character’s body equipping a ghillie suit could be invisible to others.
  • Fixed the issue where player could change perspective to TPP when spectating other players in FPP game mode.
  • Fixed the awkward POV when viewing a Death Cam of a character equipped with a Ghille suit.


  • Fixed the UMP-45 audio sounding strange when heard from a distance.
  • Fixed the duplicate click sound played when pressing on the preview button in the customize screen.


  • Fixed the issue where players could clip through a certain building in Abbey on Vikendi.


  • Fixed the issue where incorrect RP changes were displayed in the match history section during placement matches.
  • Fixed the issue where starting plane’s seat UI were sometimes displayed as empty.
  • Fixed the issue where some pages of the store page not be loaded when entering store page after restarting the lobby.
  • Fixed the issue where profiles of players located in ‘Unassigned’ ‘Observer’ section of custom match session cannot be loaded.
  • Fixed the issue where the center screen pointer was not displayed in replays.

Skins & Items

  • Fixed the issue where the visor of Mad’s Motorcycle – Helmet (Level 1) was not displayed when equipped by a male character.
  • Fixed the issue where the nose of the Killer Clown Mask could clip through face coverings.


  • Adjusted the reload animations of M416, Scar-L, QBZ, G36C to better match the reload speeds.
  • The reload animations adjustments are a follow-up to the Balance tweaks to the 556 guns in the 9.2 November update



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