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The battle royale genre gets futuristic replenishment with PUBG: New State. The game is supposed to break known boundaries, but what is it?

New PUBG game: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds gets another series part. This is called “PUBG: New State” and is set in a futuristic setting. The game aims to break the known boundaries of mobile devices.

Better than ever before! That’s how good PUBG New State should be

What is New State? The new game from the PUBG creators continues to share the same universe with the main game. However, here you jump into the year 2051 and get futuristic equipment, cars and items.

Of course, there must also be a completely new map, which is also characterized by futuristic architecture. The whole package should then appear exclusively for mobile devices.

That blows my mind: In the announcement for PUBG New State the developers promise that the game will look better than all other mobile games. If we look at the screenshots and the first trailer, that actually seems to be true. Even PUBG: Mobile is technically far ahead of other titles.

You can also register for the closed beta now. The finished game should then appear for all users in the course of 2021.

These Are New Key Features

  1. Weapon adjustments: As a player, you should be able to completely adjust your weapons to your taste. As the game progresses, you will receive more and more kits that will help you to create your own personal weapon.
  2. Drones: As in the CS: GO Battle Royale, you can use drones to order new items and relief supplies. Of course, you have to make sure that other players see them flying through the air.
  3. Map & Story: On the 8×8 kilometer map, you should also learn from the environment how the PUBG universe has changed over the past 35 years. Will there be a hint towards the game Callisto Protocol, which is also set in PUBG’s future?


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