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PUBG will get a new map with the start of the new season 10. You can now find out what we know thanks to the trailer & what you can expect!

Season 10 & new map: The official PUBG Twitter channel has shared a first trailer for Season 10. This starts in a few weeks and it looks like players can expect a new map!

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PUBG Season 10 Trailer “shows” a new Map

The trailer shows that: Season 10 of PUBG is already in the starting blocks. It should start on December 16, 2020. It has now been announced that there will also be a new map for the launch. Which setting this serves is largely unclear. We know the name, however. As revealed in the tweet, this new PUBG map is called “Haven”.

The reason for this is the little footage that the trailer provides. Here we only see one character sprinting through a tunnel. A hole in its right flank lets in bright white light. When the figure sprints past the gap, however, the light has disappeared.

Since we hear helicopter rotors, it can be assumed that the light comes from a searchlight. Fitting, because the following words appear at the end of the trailer:


What does that mean? Fans speculate diligently on Twitter and YouTube. Some believe that the map is simply set in a night setting. Others assume that there will be AI opponents in helicopters that will present players with an additional challenge.

Still others compare the tunnel with the metro from the shooter of the same name. The parallels are clear, even if the metro tunnels look different again. Let’s compare the two tunnels:

We’ll have to wait and see what comes out of it in the end. There should be more information about this in the next few days. As soon as there are further references to the new PUBG Map and Season 10, you will find out from us first! What do you think the new map will be?

SOURCEPUBG Official via Twitter
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