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More and more trailers for the upcoming PUBG Season 10 & the new Map Haven, which is located in a big city, appear in quick succession. The first gameplay appeared a few hours ago!

This is the new PUBG Map: Haven is the name of the new PUBG Map that will be introduced into the Battle Royale game with the start of Season 10 on December 16, 2020. New teasers have appeared over and over again in the last few days. But now there is the first full-fledged trailer for the Haven map!

PUBG: New Map Haven Makes Your Heart Race

The trailer shows that: In the PUBG trailer for the new Map Haven shared a few hours ago, we get to see gameplay for the first time. Although this is posed, it still gives us a good insight into an ongoing match on or much more in Haven.

The stress, increased pulse, and sweaty hands are almost inevitable! Because not only will we be playing against other players here. We have to worry also and above all because of the AI-controlled helicopters and armored cars.

These hunt down all players and, according to the developer, are supposed to force campers to come out of their hiding place. No building should give us 100 percent security. This is what the developers say after the big city setting was criticized:

“There may be campers, but what if we had something to fight them?”

In any case, we are excited about the new daring setting. But we don’t yet know in which constellation we will be able to use the new PUBG Map Haven. The now-removed Season 9 Map Paramo was subject to strict rules that not all fans liked.


Wann geht’s los? Bislang ist die Einführung der neuen Karte an den Start der Season 10 von PUBG gekoppelt. Der findet am 16. Dezember 2020 statt und setzt außerdem alle Ranked-Statistiken zurück.



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