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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Early Access run has been tremendously successful. To make matters even better, the updates for the title have been nothing short of awesome. The fourth update in its monthly updates is no different. This update brings a variety of new features to players, including a new weapon and the option to play the game in first person.

Crate and Key System Controversy

To start off, the Bluehole team made sure to address the mixed reactions to their recent announcement of a crate and key system. It was first introduced with the Gamescom Invitational Crates as part of internal testing. Unsurprisingly, this sparked excitement in the gaming community and in the media.

Many criticized Brendan Greene AKA PlayerUnknown and Bluehole for not correctly addressing their intentions for the payment system. The devs have since regretted this decision. However, Greene and the Bluehole team insist testing the system is important to establish a balanced economy following launch. Fortunately for players, it is a purely optional feature. You will still get a fully featured game, complete with a finalized Battle Royale game mode, a vast variety of weapons and vehicles available to use, stat tracking, ranking, and leaderboard systems, 2D and 3D replays, among the updates.

Bringing In the Big Guns

Missing will be nearly impossible with this!

Here’s what you came for! The fresh new content in the fourth update is bigger and better than the previous updates. A new weapon known as the “Mk14 EBR” is a sniper rifle that is exclusively created to help with short distance shooting. It’s also customisable through sniper mods to complement each player’s unique taste.

Even more, there is a new first person option available for the European and North American servers in single or multiplayer. A new field of view slider allows you to choose the way you view the area. This adds a whole new perspective to the game, alongside the new first person option. But that’s not all! There is now added support for players to use their Xbox One controllers to play Battlegrounds.

Several performance optimizations have been improved upon, along with gameplay bugs. See all the Patchnotes below.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Changelog

Server Performance

  • Optimized fences, doors, and windows
  • Optimized vehicles physics

Client Performance

  • Optimized memory usage for world items
  • Optimized terrain render time
  • Optimized vehicle physics
  • Optimized user interface

New Gun

  • The new Mk14 EBR is a specially designed sniper rifle for marking your target at short distance. This weapon can only be obtained from care packages. The rifle is exclusively made to hold 7.62 mm cartridges and can modified with sniper rifle mods.


  • Two new face presets as well as two new hairstyles to customize female and male characters.


  • New first person server option for NA and EU single and multiplayer game modes.
  • Players who select first person will be matched with one another.
  • Your view is preset to third person while in the airplane and after jumping out of the plane. This will be changed to first person in a future update.
  • The camera will remain still when players loot to prevent dizziness.
  • A new feature was added to report players.
  • Some players were killing unconscious teammates to avoid the kill count going to the opponent who knocked them out. This will no longer work and the kill count will still go to the opponent only in this instance.
  • A new animation was added in during usage of consumable items.
  • The camera transition when disabling the free look feature was fixed.
  • The reload time of the VSS was reduced.
  • Players can now re-enter the game when they’ve been disconnected in the midst of gameplay.
  • There is now added support for Xbox One controllers. Improvements will continuously be made regarding the controllers.
  • The sound volume has been fixed when going inside and coming outside of a building.
  • A new sound effect was added for the scoping and aiming feature of a weapon.
  • New effects were added for when a character sprints or runs over different terrain.
  • Improved character animations for weaponless combat or melee only combat.
  • A slight delay has been added in during the dragging and dropping of inventory items. The devs hope this delay will create a more balanced environment for players.
  • Improvements have been made on the post processing effect when players are outside of the blue zone.

Items and Vehicles

  • A new lower rail attachment slot to SKS.
  • While sitting in the driver seat, players can now use the car horn with a left mouse click.
  • Vehicles are less likely to explode when they get stuck in environment objects.
  • Vehicles sounds are slightly different for first person compared to third person.
  • New sound effects were added for the motorcycle tire screech.
  • There is no longer a pump action delay after firing the S1887.
  • The resolution on the boats have been improved.
  • Spark effects have been added to flat tires.
  • The application of First Aid/Painkiller have been reduced to six seconds.
  • The application of the Med Kit/Adrenaline Syringe has been reduced to eight seconds.


  • New features and hot keys were added to the Options Menu.
  • New option was added to V-Sync.
  • A maximum of two different keys can be selected for each computer key.
  • New option to set toggle on certain actions and features.
  • The mouse wheel up/down can be used as a key bind.
  • Mute (Ctrl+M) and voice channel switching (Ctrl+Y) were added as key binds. Also, the option to tune the voice chat volume.
  • New key binds were added for using certain throwables.
  • A Colorblind Mode was added.
  • An FOV slider was added to first person.
  • New region names were added to the mini map.
  • The option to display your helmet, vest, and backpack items on HUD UI. This feature will be updated further in the future.
  • The option to display any equipped weapons on the right side of the screen. This UI feature will be update further in the future.

Bug Fixes

  • The problem with the client crashing was partially resolved.
  • The problem was fixed with weapons randomly ceasing to fire while in auto firing mode.
  • Consumables can’t be used while underwater.The following bugs have been fixed for Spectator mode:
  • Characters appearing to have shaky movements.
  • Camera swing when characters scope while walking.
  • Camera swing when characters look left or right while scoping.
  • A character appeared to shake as another player moved the camera around them.
  • If a player is distanced at 500m from a vehicle, they won’t hear the screeching of its tires.
  • Post process bug in underwater in first person mode.
  • The repeated reloading sound after dropping a weapon during reloading.
  • The probability of rain weather was reset to its previous value.
  • A character couldn’t equip attachment with a full inventory.
  • Weapons would play the reload animation on loop, despite cancelling the reload.
  • A character could see through the wall when scoping or crouching against walls.
  • A character seeing through ceiling and walls while sitting on objects in buildings.
  • Random bug that disabled in game UI.
  • Bombing outside of Red Zone.
A scene straight out of a Michael Bay film!

Stayed tuned for another update next month!


SOURCEPlayer Unknown's Battlegrounds Via Steam
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