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Today we dedicate ourselves to the subject of whether the PUBG Map Erangel exists in real life & look at the actual role model of the map!

What the Reddit user found: There is a lot on Google Maps that users have discovered over the years. Sunken ships, hidden or secret places, and even missing person cases were solved with it. But now and then, we gamers stick our noses into the satellite images too and find amazing things. For example Erangel from PUBG or Chernarus from DayZ!

Real Life Erangel from r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

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Reddit User find Real Life PUBG Erangel Map, True Origin?

This is the island: Almost right in front of our noses, in the North Sea, east of the island of Bornholm, the PUBG Map Erangel seems to be. The video that the user Meme_Od_Adama uploaded to Reddit shows the amazing similarity.

In order for the map to fit, however, you have to turn the compass direction, when that is done, almost everything matches:

  • Appropriate shape
  • A smaller island below the main island
  • But much too small
  • no other characteristics of Erangel


Not the real Model: Of course, the island of Christianso is not the real life model of the PUBG Map Erangel. However, it is amazing how similar the two places are at first glance.

The community widely believes that the real role model for the PUBG Map Erangel is not in the real world, but is part of the Arma series, on which DayZ is based.

In the very first Arma, there is the map “Nogova”. If we turn it 90 degrees clockwise and add a smaller island at the bottom, you can quickly see where the theory comes from.

The similarities

  • Note the lake in the middle, which connects to the sea by a river
  • The shape of the islands is also extremely similar.
  • Arma’s Nogova & PUBG’s Erangel both have an offshore island with an airfield
  • Two islands: one in the north and one in the north-east complete the picture. That also applies to both.

    Left Side is Nogova

What do you think? Do you believe, that the PUBG Erangel map is based in real life or is it more like a changed version of the Arma terrain Nogova? Let us know in the comments.

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