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The esports team LOOPS Esport has been disqualified from a current PUBG mobile tournament with a prize pool of $2 million! You will now find out what led to the ban.

What happened? Loops E-Sport has been disqualified from the current PUBG Mobile Global Championship. The reason was three out of four team members who sat down on the floor of a church & protested against the organization of the event. One member was playing a “solo” round.

Loops Esport Disqualified by PMGC: That Means the Protest

What led the action? Loops Esport demonstrated in a church a protest against the decision of the event organizers not to let their team caption Dadin participate. So the team started with only 4 players:

  • Caiowski
  • Gxlden
  • Federal
  • Carrilho

While the first three named players took part in the protest voluntarily, member Carrilho played a quasi-solo round on the other side of the map. He too, although he followed the rules, was disqualified.

Spectators and organizers immediately noticed that something was wrong after the three players broke away from their fourth husband and left him alone. At the latest when they were eliminated by RRQ Athena and did not defend themselves in the slightest, it was clear: This is against the rules. A statement from PUBGM TV says the following:

“HISTORICAL PROTEST! today, during the last match of the PMGC League, 3 Loops Esports players fell into a ruined church building, and gathered close to the center they did not throw the fall in protest at the departure of their former captain “DadiN” and also the internal problems that happened within the organization. Caiowski, Gxlden, and Federal go down in history today when they held the first protest ever made at PUBG MOBILE world championships, there had never been a protest during matches until today. Carrilho did not join the other teammates and played the solo game. Loops Esports players were eliminated by an RRQ Athena player and offered no resistance, some of them even had no weapons. Loops mathematically had no chance of going up or down the table, regardless of the result of the last fall, Loops would be in 6th place in the PMGC League, see this, the players decided to demonstrate their support to their former teammate in protest.

Dadin was the captain of Loops Esports, who split from the squad during the tournament due to poor conditions. His former team is simply not happy with the outcome of the entire situation.

But what exactly led to the action being carried out in this way or why Carrilho did not want to participate is still unclear.


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