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PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) will remove one of the most popular maps from the pool at the end of Season 9. The community is pretty angry & lets its anger run free.

That happened: Yesterday we had good news about the end of the ongoing Season 9 of PUBG. Unfortunately have to disappoint you today. Because the developer PUBG Corporation removed the game’s most popular map from the pool.

Unsurprisingly, the map is Paramo, loved by the PUBG community for its innovation. Here is a trailer for the map:

See you soon, Paramo! That’s What the Community Says

Why the map is being removed: The end of Season 9 of PUBG has come and so the developer PUBG Corporation decides to remove one of the most popular maps at the same time. There actually does not seem to be any other reason.

It is unclear whether there will be a new map with the start of PUBG Season 10 on December 16, 2020. There is no official information on this.

Community is angered: The “why” is not understandable for many of the active players. To this day, Paramo is the most played map in the selection. And now the heads of PUBG users whistle like steam boilers.

The decision is titled as: “Stupid”, “Insane” or simply “thoughtlessly”. Others make their own fun out of the situation or process it with pictures:

Click here for the tweet & the answers!

That’s why Paramo is great: You might be wondering what all the hustle and bustle about a map from PUBG is about since the Battle Royale game actually has quite a lot of maps ready to jump in. The difference between Paramo and other PUBG maps is the style of gameplay

You are not fighting on an island, but on a plateau on the slope of an active volcano. An avalanche of molten rock made some places on the map inaccessible from the beginning. So the layout of Paramo changes with every new round. In addition, the weather can suddenly change drastically due to volcanic eruptions.


Will Paramo return? The popular PUBG map is pretty unlikely to disappear from the game forever. We have often seen a revival of old cards. The best example of this is the snow-covered region of “Vikendi”.


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