Car surrounded by zombies.

The loot filled game maps and new vehicle feature of Project Zomboid are the most talked about topics in relation to the title. The coding team at General Arcade have spent a huge amount of time creating the vehicle system. Recent test runs are proving all their hard work to be worthwhile.

Start Your Engines

Project Zomboid has been making waves since their recent reveal of a vehicle feature. Over numerous weeks, extensive work has been carried out by “external experts” and now a closed test run has been performed. Gamers everywhere will be heading to Knox County just to give this new feature a spin. The creators of Zomboid, The Indie Stone, have stated that the map streaming “seems to work extremely well”.

Additional work will be done on the vehicle’s headlights because the developers are unhappy with its appearance. However, they were surprised at how well the car’s controls work despite the isometric view in Project Zomboid. Players will use a “radial menu to start the car, roll down the windows, turn on the heater, change seats, or play with the radio”. The first set of playable vehicles will be included into an IWBUMS beta. A follow up of videos showcasing this new feature will be released soon after.

Project Zombiod Zed Zombies Fahrzeuge
Pedal to the metal.

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