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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds today left the early access by bringing the PC version 1.0. Before doing this they talked about important issues and gave us some new patch notes for this week.

The Voice of the community

”Our original idea was: this is Battle Royale and players should be able to survive in any environment”

An idea that will get changed in a later stage of PUBG, as players desperately want an option to select a map instead of the current randomized maps. The developers hesitated with this feature because the game already had two perspectives and three team modes. Now add a map selection to it and PUBG will have a total of 12 game modes which isn’t without risk. Therefore, regions with a lower playerbase will have longer queues, matches with a small amount of players or matches not starting at all. As the game gives the best experience when there are 100 players in a match, map selection won’t be in the PC 1.0 version, but will instead be added in a later stage.

Another request of the community was to add the solo FPP mode to OCE and SA servers. The servers will be coming next week allowing the player base to be quite happy. On the contrary it might be difficult to get a match on these servers outside of the peak hours.

Patch Notes

Some interesting Patch notes got added to the game at December 15th. We will take a look at some of the new features starting with the new replay option. This option is found in the lobby with its own replay menu. To let the option work you have to enable the replay saving in options before entering a match. The replay function is able to record up to 1km around the characters and up to 20 replays will get saved. However, when you hit the 20 saves the older ones will automatically get deleted. While most players see this as a way to improve their skills, content creators are now able to use their creativity for videos and screenshots.

PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds
Want to be creative? The replay feature allows high quality screenshots to be made. Picture by SepticFalcon.

Secondly, the Miramar map got slightly updated. If you enter the map you might want to keep an eye out for the new blue zone size and item spawn rates as both got adjusted. Another patch note increased the fuel efficiency of the pickup and while there is nothing better than driving around be careful, as road signs are now breakable on Miramar.

Last but not least, the Win94 got some new additions which you can try out in your next match. Firstly, we are able to add bullet loops to our Win94. Secondly, we shouldn’t have trouble aiming anymore as a red tip got added to the iron sights as well as an increased zoom level while holding our breath. And lastly, a new animation got added to the Win94 making the lever-action 30% faster.


SOURCEPlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds via Steam
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