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Launching your way this November 7 is a new desert map to be available for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The map emphasizes on the various landscapes and architecture present on a desert scenery. It closely resembles a Mexican/Nevada outskirts vicinity, filled with village huts, desert barren buildings, prominent desert vegetation and multiple go to’s. Also, a new mechanic is in, and will be discussed throughout the article.

The Barren Wasteland

Anyone got room for dessert? Eh? Anyone? Okay I’ll stop.

Traditional grass cover wouldn’t ultimately be gone, but it won’t be as abundant as a traditional PUBG map, making stealth more eminent, as cover is most essential to survival. New loot is a possibility in this new map, due to some noticeable landmarks like a classic mexican wrestling ring, new fictional franchises, and other in game world changes. Sniping, if ever you get you hands on a rifle, would be a piece of cake due to major high ground advantages, like old towers and rocky hills, where cover is decent and so is the line of sight down the horizon. And with the new landscape so does a new mechanic should fit in, a vaulting system for every man’s PUBG parkour fantasies. You’ll be runnin’, hidin’, and you sure as well can now make more creative plays and tactics with this new feature.

This Town Ain’t Big Enough for th’ Two of Us

Fulfill your Western Spaghetti fantasies and walk the lonely road of a man of the frontier. Gun down your enemies, like a true gunslinger and make the deserted town (no pun intended) into a real ghost town as everyone you’ll meet’ll probably be a soul wanderin’, or by the turn of fate, yours will. Strap it on, and jump 20,000 feet from above into the land of no one but he who will walk alone in the end.


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