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At Gamescom 2017, Brendan Greene aka ‘PlayerUnknown’ announced a new desert map for his battle royale title, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Little information has been released at this time but in an interview with Eurogamer the mastermind behind PUBG revealed some extra information.

Another King-Sized Warzone

In an interview with Eurogamer, Brendan Greene informed us that the map layout, thought to have been 4×4 in the original development, is double the size at 8×8. The reason according to PUBG‘s creator is that it makes sense to have a large map when groups of up to 100 people will be running riot around it. The new desert setting features a city, as well as some open areas for some of the usual firefights. The buildings in this map are much taller than those of the previous island zone and possibly all buildings will be accessible. The catch is: there’s talk of closing down the middle floors in the tower blocks in a hope to keep the game running smoothly.

PUBG map layout
An early layout design of the upcoming map.

After being asked whether there is water based combat in this biome, Greene simply replied: “Maybe”. But he also said that there is a river running through the southern half of the map. There are also plans for smaller water vehicles as opposed to the large boats around PUBG’s island area, Erangel. He was also asked about borders for the new arena as the island was surrounded by the open sea. He informed us that there will be a wall to stop players going out of bounds. The games initial destination was based in Peru, but after some more development, the team has decided that it has a more central America/Mexico feel to it.

Possible New Additions

Within the new pictures, a bicycle can be seen by one of the buildings and this has not been confirmed or denied by the developer as to if they will make the cut. Although there was a hint from Greene stating that they had the technology to do it but will not confirm it yet.

PlayerUnknown’s love for easter eggs (hidden game nods, NOT the edible kind) will make an appearance in the new map and some things have been discussed. The details are not clear as to what these will be. These details are not a lot to go on but its a start and we hope to find out more as the development of PUBG goes on. One detail we have been lucky enough to find out is: there is a monastery in the heart of the city with a bell tower for all you camping lovers out there.

PUBG – New Map Release Date?

PUBG‘s new biome has not been given an official release date and it’s unlikely we can expect it anytime soon as last map Erangel took 9 months to get to a playable state. We have a lot of time on our hands to keep on trying to survive the island biome before the new one hits the shelves. It has also been revealed that Xbox will be getting a 2017 release date. There have been many rumors suggesting that PUBG will remain an Xbox exclusive but all that has been confirmed is that they are only working on the PC and Xbox release and that is where their sole concentration lies at this time. We at Survivethis will keep you updated as soon as details have been confirmed.



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