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Bluehole Studio recently released the patch notes for their upcoming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update expected to be deployed on stable servers this Thursday 25th at 8am UTC, 5pm KST and 1am PDT.

It’s important to note that while there are no server improvements in this particular patch, Bluehole are currently profiling the servers to identify what might be causing the reported intermittent lag issues in the hopes to have a solution soon.

Update Highlights

The first exiting new item to be introduced into the battlegrounds is the VSS ‘ Vintorez’ rifle. This long-ranged killing machine will be available in care packages and as an extremely rare spawn. What makes this weapon awesome is that it comes with a 4X scope attached, uses 9mm ammo and as part of the design, has an integral suppressor which wraps around the barrel. The real life counterpart of this rifle has an impressive 700 RPM, so it will be interesting to see how it plays in game and how much damage it lays out per 9mm bullet. No doubt we will see an increased popularity in care packages in the short term.

VSS Vintorez – Russian suppressed pain distributor.

This new gun coupled with the fixes made to targeting posted on Twitter earlier this week should make for some very happy campers. I for one have always blamed my inability to hit anything smaller than an aircraft hanger more than 10m away on a ‘bug’ or lag, so it looks like one of those excuses will no longer fly in the squad!

It’s quickly worth mentioning that players will also have a new motorbike to drive recklessly and crash in the battlegrounds! This single-seater has the manoeuvrability and potential speed that every carefree thrill seeker is looking for!

Play-Zone & Weapon Changes

The next big piece of news will either bring delight or disappointment; the final two play-zones will now reduce in size at a slower pace. Getting caught at the edge, or at the furthest point from the next safe zone should now hopefully result in a less frantic sprint to safety, and may prevent places like this from becoming the epicentre for an almighty hail of bullets. A more purposeful and tactful movement pattern should be available to those that have the furthest to travel and will hopefully provide more balance to the final showdown.

There has also been some re-balancing; perhaps the most interesting is a change to the Vector and an increase in deviation gain per shot. On a weapon like this that has a ridiculous rate of fire it could now potentially lead to some Storm Trooper levels of inaccuracy in the wrong hands; which is why we assume the M416 tactical stock can now be attached. The AKM, SCAR, M16 and M416 have also all had their recoil revised, which may now require some adjustments when pressing the auto/panic button at mid to short range.

What does B do?

To finish things off we have some U.I tweaks and some improved/added visual and audio effects to blown out tires which we all look forward to testing out!

It’s nice to see that Bluehole are taking an interest and are listening to their community. The full details of the patch notes can be found here on the PUBG Steam news section. We look forward to seeing all of you on the battlegrounds soon. Let’s see how this update holds up!


SOURCEPlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds via Steam
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