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Stranded Deep is a great survival gamer but playing in online co-op is not an option, is it? We’ll show you how you can play the survival game online with friends!

UPDATE, now for free: At the moment, Stranded Deep is still available for free at Epic Games. This applies from December 28, 2020 (5:00 p.m.). Within these 24 hours you can secure the game forever. But you will soon have noticed: You apparently cannot play Stranded Deep in online co-op. We’ll show you how to play with your friends!

How to play Stranded Deep in online co-op with friends

How the co-op mode works: At the moment there is no official way to play Stranded Deep online in co-op. The developers have decided to have this only take place locally.

The local co-op

This stranded deep co-op allows you to play with friends sitting next to you. You share the screen & the same platform as in the good old days. This works not only on the consoles, but also on the PC. Officially, this is the only way to get a multiplayer experience.


Stranded Deep’s online co-op

As already mentioned several times, this multiplayer does not actually exist. However, you can emulate this with the help of Steam Remote Play. You still share a screen with your fellow player (split screen), but he does not have to sit next to you. Perhaps the better option at the moment. But how does it work?

  • Maneuver to your library in Steam.
  • Start Stranded Deep & create a co-op campaign.
  • Open your Steam overlay with “Shift” + “TAB” & invite a friend

These instructions apply to the Steam version of the game! As we could read in some forums, this also works with the Epic version. You should simply add this to Steam, but that didn’t work in our case.

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