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The one-man project Phasmophobia quickly developed from a horror insider tip to an absolute must-have title. However, in order to be able to find and identify all ghosts, you have to be familiar with your ghost hunter equipment. We explain to you which items are available, which ones you absolutely need and how to use them correctly.

There are so many items: There are currently 21 items in total that will help you identify the respective ghost in Phasmophobia and complete all the side tasks. You already have some of them at the beginning. Many other of these items, however, you have to buy with the money you earn from completing missions.

So that you can make optimal use of the many items, we explain here what you need them for and how to use them correctly. With this, no mind should be safe from you.

Important basic equipment

The objects can be roughly divided into two categories:

Absolutely necessary – you should have this equipment with you on every assignment
Useful – You usually need these gadgets for side jobs or to make searches easier. Especially with larger buildings

At this point, we start with the essential items that you should never be without. For a better understanding and better communication, also with foreign players, we also write the English name of the item.

Absolutely necessary items in Phasmophobia

Flashlight – strong flashlight

Proof relevant: No.

Since you mostly go through dark buildings, a flashlight is of course not bad. Often the ghost also switches off the lights or the fuse in the house. Then a flashlight is really worth its weight in gold. The flashlight is available in a normal and powerful version. The strong version shines a little stronger and further. A little tip, you can activate the respective flashlight by pressing the “T” button, even if you are currently holding another object in your hand.

EMF reader

Proof relevant: yes

The EMF reader will help you find the location of the mind. If it fails, you can assume that you are approaching the spirit. If the device fails to level five, you can also check off a proof in your journal. Therefore, a team member should definitely explore the building with the EMF reader at the beginning.

phasmophobia item guide ghost hunt ingame screenshot emf reader

Spirit box

Proof relevant: yes

The ghost box is a really useful item. With this, you can communicate with the mind. You turn on the device and speak into the microphone of your headset. Note, however, that some ghosts will only respond when you are alone in a room. Some don’t answer at all but cause something else in the room. Here are a few phrases that ghosts tend to respond to.

  • Is anybody here?
  • How old are you?
  • Are you male/female?
  • Give us a sign!
  • Speak to us!
  • What’s your name?
  • Where are you?
  • Can you talk?
  • Shall we leave?
  • Who are you?

There are quite a few more phrases, there should currently be around 150 sentences and questions in total. Just try something out. However, it is important to know here that you can only enter proof in your journal if the spirit is also communicating with you through the box. If he just throws something across the room, this does not count as evidence.

Ghost Book

Proof relevant: yes

Once you have located the possible whereabouts of the ghost, you can place the book there. The spirit can then perpetuate itself there and usually leaves you with a nice greeting. In some situations, the ghost is even writing the book while you are still holding it in your hands. If something was entered in the book, check off the journal and check off the next evidence.

UV light

Proof relevant: yes

With the UV lamp, you can find handprints on doors, light switches or windows, for example. However, these often only appear after the mind has been a little more active and has switched off lights or the fuse, for example. Once you’ve found one, note the evidence in your journal and pull out your camera. If you take a photo of it, you will get a few more dollars after completing the mission.


Proof relevant: yes

With the thermometer, you can feel the location of the spirit. If the temperature on the display goes into the single-digit range, you are already relatively close to the spirit. However, the temperature does not necessarily have to drop into the minus range. However, should you get into the freezer, you have further evidence for your journal.

The thermometer has to be bought first. You can recognize the freezer area by the fact that your breath is steaming, but the thermometer visualizes the whole thing even better and helps you to find the place you are looking for, even without a freezing point.

phasmophobia item guide ghost hunt ingame screenshot thermometer

Video camera

Proof relevant: yes

With the video camera, you can track down so-called ghost orbs. Once you have identified the possible location, activate the camera (green light) and set it up so that it has the majority of the room on the screen. You can now switch to this camera via the monitor in the van and possibly recognize the ghost balls. With that, you have new proof for your journal.

Photo camera

Proof relevant: No.

The camera is not helping you find evidence of the spirit. However, it is very useful for most of the side quests. Often times, for example, you need to take a picture of the ghost, a sink with dirty water, or other mysterious occurrences. As mentioned before, you can also take a photo of the handprints. You can also often find small bones on the floor. Snap a photo of it and earn extra cash once your job is complete.

Useful items in Phasmophobia

Glow Stick

Proof relevant: yes

Similar to the UV lamp, you can use the glow stick to track down handprints, but you have to get much closer to the object. However, the glow stick is much more useful as soon as you want to clear up larger buildings such as the school or the asylum. Here you can place the glow sticks in a sensible way so that you don’t lose your orientation. The Asylum in particular has made us crazy several times, in the truest sense of the word.


Proof relevant: No.

The lighter itself hardly bring you any added value. You only need them when you take candles or incense sticks with you on your tour. You cannot light it without the lighter.


Proof relevant: No.

Candles, like glow sticks, are useful when examining larger buildings. You can place these at important points so as not to lose your orientation or to light up certain rooms. A lot of light is especially important for your mental state.

But always remember to bring a lighter with you. If you have the lighter in your inventory you can light the candle with the “F” key.

Motion sensor / motion sensor

Proof relevant: No.

With the motion sensor, you can track ghost movements. Should a ghost move past the motion detector, the light changes. Please note, however, that the movements of the players also activate the motion detector. However, if you have real ghost activity in front of you, just take a photo of it, it can’t hurt.


Proof relevant: No.

As soon as a ghost starts chasing you, you can use the crucifix to protect yourself. You have to place the crucifix on the ground and hope that the ghost appears here or comes by. The crucifix has a range of approximately three meters. If the ghost appears in this radius, the hunt is over.

However, the crucifix can only be used twice before it loses its effectiveness. There are also ghosts who are not so impressed by it. Sometimes there is also a side quest for which you have to stop the ghost with the crucifix.

phasmophobia item guide ghost hunt ingame screenshot kruzifix curcifix

Head Mounted Camera

Proof relevant: yes

The head camera has almost the same function as the normal video camera. The other player in the van can see the ghost balls via your activated head camera. The big difference is that with good consultation you can use the head camera much more effectively, as you can check several rooms more quickly and thus identify ghost balls more quickly.

Infrared Light Sensor

Proof relevant: No.

The infrared light sensor brings light into the dark. If you place it in the ghost room, for example, it lights up as soon as you, your team members or the ghost triggers it. This can be especially useful when the ghost has turned off the security of the house but you need a little more light.

Smudge sticks

Proof relevant: No.

The incense sticks behave similarly to the crucifix in that they prevent the ghost from chasing you. Once lit, the stick ensures that the ghost cannot get closer than six meters to you for 90 seconds.

Remember, however, that the incense sticks need a lighter to be lit. Just like with the crucifix, there are often secondary tasks for which you have to stop the ghost with incense.

phasmophobia item guide ghost hunt ingame screenshot raeucherstaebchen smudge sticks
Auch die Räucherstäbchen helfen dir eine gewisse Distanz zwischen dir und dem Geist zu halten.

Sanity Pills

Proof relevant: No.

Each character has a sanity value. The longer your search lasts and the more often you have been chased by the ghost, the lower this value. If it drops too much, you will sometimes see strange things. Lights start to flicker even when the ghost isn’t chasing you or eerie shadows cross your gaze. The likelihood that the ghost will haunt you also increases as soon as your value approaches 0%. Once you have reached 0%, you can be almost certain that the ghost will send itself over the virtual Jordan on the next hunt.

To counteract this effect, there are sanity pills. These ensure that your value increases again by 40% each time. These pills are very important, especially in very large buildings, such as the school or the asylum.

Sound sensor

Proof relevant: No.

Once you have placed the audio sensor, it lights up its surroundings as soon as it detects noises. The sensor can also be activated through the wall. In practice, however, the audio sensor is very seldom needed, as it is only useful to a limited extent and there are currently no secondary tasks that the audio sensor needs.

Salt Shaker

Proof relevant: No.

With the salt, you can identify ghost movements. Each spreader can spread a total of three loads of salt. If a ghost walks through the salt, you can see the footprints with UV light. The glow sticks have proven to be a sensible combination. Sprinkle some salt on the floor and add a glow stick. So you can see immediately if there is a footprint there. This would then also be the next entry in your evidence journal.

Parabolic Microphone

Proof relevant: No.

You should have the parabolic microphone with you, especially in larger buildings. With this you can detect noises through walls and at great distances. However, you should coordinate well in the team, because the microphone naturally also picks up the noises of your team members.

phasmophobia item guide ghost hunt ingame screenshot parabolmikrofon parabol microphone
Mit dem Parabolmikrofon kannst du Geräusche durch Wände und auf höheren Entfernungen identifizieren


Proof relevant: No.

The tripod is an addition to the video camera. as soon as you want to monitor a room that has no suitable location, you use the tripod. However, you cannot add the tripod to your inventory, you have to carry it in front of you. So you can attach the camera to the tripod, add three items to your inventory and then take the tripod and place it in the respective room.

I hope this guide was able to explain the various pieces of equipment to you well and make your next mission a little easier. If you have any comments or tips for combining, please write us in the comments. We wish you a successful ghost hunt.


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