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One of the biggest Creators in the Tarkov scene “Pestily” lost his YouTube channel an hour ago. The YouTuber and Twitch streamer now speaks out via Twitter.

What happened? One of the largest content creators on the topic of Escape From Tarkov has been banned from the video platform YouTube. The Pestily is now addressing YouTube directly on Twitter.

Pestily Loses YouTube Channel With 430k Subs – How Can That Be?

We know that: Using the short message platform Twitter, Pestily posted that his account was lost an hour ago. It seems like YouTube banned him without any warning. He backs up this post with a screenshot of his ban.

So now he wants to take action against the banning of his channel and turns to YouTube itself. Even the head of the gaming & commerce business of YouTube, Ryan Wyatt, joins in. The team is already about to investigate.


that is what you get for searching pestily’s account.

That could be a reason: It is still unclear what exactly led to the deletion. However, many fans assume that it was a bot attack that took it down. Here bots are programmed to massively bombard a YouTuber’s account with reports.

Others think that it is simply a bug in the system or that Pestily was somehow guilty on YouTube. Nobody knows whether there has been a serious violation of copyright or not by now.

Yet again other users are mad at YouTube and threaten the employees of the platform in the comments below Pestily’s post. That is to be criticized in the strongest, and we ask everyone not to join in there. We will certainly receive more information on this later.

Stay tuned: As soon as there is news about the situation around Pestily’s ban on Youtube, we will update this article! So that you don’t miss it, follow us on Facebook or leave the article open!

UPDATE: Channel restored

Pestily is back: The Tarkov streamer and YouTuber Pestily has his account back. In a video on YouTube, he explains what happened. He says that this ban came out of nowhere and that he assumes that it must have been a massive bot attack.

Nevertheless, the Australian would like to pay more attention to what he uploads in the coming weeks and months. In addition, his channel is currently still suffering from the negative influences of the YT algorithm. He is currently devaluing his channel and to help Pestily on its feet, pay him a visit!

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