We have some bad news for console gamers anticipating the first person horror game, Perception. A few days ago, Deep End Games announced that their title is going to be delayed for the PS4 and Xbox One. If you’re curious to know the reason behind this, continue reading.

Perception Gets Pushed Back

Earlier this week, the studio comprised of former Bioshock developers revealed that Perception’s Xbox One and PS4 versions will no longer be released on the 30th of May. Instead the game will be delayed for one week. However, the PC version was launched yesterday on 30th of May through Steam and GOG.

On Twitter, Deep End Games explained that they experienced an “administrative error regarding ratings across territories”. This resulted in the console copies having to be pushed back a week. If the delay does last exactly one week, Perception should be launched on the 6th of June.

For those you who aren’t familiar with this horror game, we’ll give you a little background. For a more detailed article about Perception, you should read our previous article regarding it. Perception puts you in control of Cassie Thornton, a blind woman who must navigate her way through a mansion in Massachusetts. However, you are not alone and a supernatural force known as “the presence” stands between you and your freedom. You are only equipped with a few tools like a walking stick, a smartphone, and most importantly, your hearing. Every tap of your walking stick or slight sound creates a visualisation that illuminates your surroundings to find your way around.

Perception was funded through Kickstarter and was published by a Polish based publisher, Feardemic. A weeks delay for consoles isn’t really that big of a deal for a company hoping to create a game worth celebrating.

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