Perception Haunted House.

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Perception is an upcoming first-person narrative horror adventure title developed by The Deep End Games. The game is confirmed for release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Sound into Sight

The player will navigate as Cassie, the protagonist of Perception. Cassie is tormented by nightmares of an abandoned estate and after extensive research she’s finally located the house haunting her dreams – Estate Echo Bluff located in Gloucester, MA. Cassie is blind and uses echolocation to turn sound into “sight”, allowing her to explore the abandoned mansion by clacking her cane against the floor and lighting up objects in the surrounding area. Her expedition to uncover the mystery of the house quickly turns awry when she discovers there’s a ghostly “Presence” in the house hunting her through the noise she makes.

If Cassie is detected by the Presence, her only options to evade include running and hiding. The player is also capable of throwing objects to avert the enemy’s attention to another area of the mansion. To add to the already tricky-to-navigate mansion, not only will the player need to worry about the Presence, they will also face a house that is alive itself. The mansion will change time periods throughout the game to disorient the player.

According to Bill Gardner (Creative Director at The Deep End Games) Perception will be published by Feardemic, a new publishing label that aims to bring players “unique psychological horror games,” as stated on PlayStation Blog. The Deep End Games creators are comprised of industry experts who worked on the popular video games BioShock and Dead Space. It appears that the fans of these works have high expectations for Perception and hope the game will execute the story well.

The release date of Perception has not been confirmed at this time.



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