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For more than three years, the team has been working voluntarily and free of charge. For our ever-growing community we write news, guides and reviews on all sorts of titles in the survival and horror genre. Since the beginning this has been a huge financial burden for us. For this reason, you can now support us via Patreon for as little as 1 dollar.

We are now at Patreon – What does that mean?

Patreon is a donation platform for people and projects that create content for the general public. Fans can join them as patrons and support them monthly with a financial amount of their choice. By doing so, they help the project to be independent of sources of revenue such as advertising or cooperation with companies.

Patreon only keeps a small part of the donations in order to finance itself. The remainder ends up directly with the recipient. They can then fulfil the previously defined goals, while showing transparently where the donations are used for.

Clicking on the picture below, will bring you to our patreon page.

On Patreon you are able to support us with a small donation.

But that’s not all, as you will get exclusive rewards for a donation. These rewards allow you to participate actively in our project Survivethis. The currently offered rewards aren’t final yet, so if you have any ideas or wishes, just bring it on! We will discuss the ideas and implement appropriate proposals.

So, why are we doing this?

We decided to launch a Patreon site because people often asked what the best way of supporting Survivethis is. However, we also have the intention to expand Survivethis even further.

In the future our team wants to provide you with even more professional editorial content, which will be more time-consuming.  Because of this, you will always be up to date, and we do what we enjoy the most: giving you new content by writing, streaming, taking of interviews and going to numerous events like Gamescom.

We would like to thank you for your support , so we dedicated a separate page, where your individual or community name gets placed after becoming a Patron.


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Survivethis is a gaming site, which focuses on survival and horror games, even though there are other interesting titles here and there. Our goal is to further expand the Worldwide survival community and to provide every reader with exciting news, guides and reviews on the subject.


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