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The ARPG Path of Exile not only drops a huge number of different items but also various currencies. By far the rarest is “The Mirror of Kalandra” (short: Mirror). Here you can find out what makes Kalandra’s mirror so special.

You won’t believe, how rare it is: Many long-time PoE players have never received a mirror as loot, not even after 10,000 hours of gaming. All the less do new players understand what is so special when someone links a mirror in global chat that they have just found. In the chat, there are usually congratulations from all sides. But why?!

The currency in PoE – briefly explained

In the game, there is no gold or doubloons, as in other RPGs, but different orbs as currency. These are differently rare due to their chance of receiving them as loot. For example, some only drop from bosses or special monsters.

This is how valuable the mirror is: In the game, a mirror costs you around 770 Exalted Orbs or 82,000 chaos orbs. On illegal trading websites, you pay € 100 to € 160 for a mirror. As of December 18th for PC, Heist Softcore.

PoE Mirror of Kalandra


What to do with the mirror

Copy an item. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? The trick, however, is which item you copy with it. Unique and corrupted items cannot be mirrored with it. So there are only normal, magic and rare items left. It should also be mentioned that the item mirrored in this way can no longer be changed. That works only with the original.

Item modifications – explained in a simplified way

A rare item can have up to six modifications. There is a whole range of different mods depending on the base of the item. Some are desirable, others are often useless. Each of these mods can still roll in different tier levels depending on different requirements (depending on the mod even from T10 to T1, which is the best). In addition, some mods are extremely rare. Some only have a ~ 0.1% chance of appearing on an item at all.

Here is an example: Suppose we have a pair of boots. Their item level is high enough to be able to get the desired T1 mods. The boot base also has the “influence of the hunter”, so that special mods can appear that would not be possible without this influence.

Such an item alone is rare and therefore expensive. This is our “rough diamond”, so to speak. Basically, we want to have a special mod that occurs around once every 1,000 crafts. Achieving this is the first expenditure of time and money. When we have achieved this we look at the remaining 5 mods and try to roll them out perfectly indifferent, sometimes very expensive ways. During this process, it often happens that the first desired mod is deleted unintentionally. Then you have to start all over again.

For a perfect “mirror tier” item, it’s normal to spend hours in the game just repeating the steps and starting over. Investing time, currency, and nerves every time.

A mirror is commonly used when the production costs and the time required to produce the desired item yourself justify it.

SOURCEPath of Exile - OfficialWiki
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