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On December 11th, the week-long Endless-Delve-event in Path of Exile starts, in which players can stay as long as they want in the mine, a dungeon-like structure in the ARPG. The event takes place on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. We’ll tell you, what you need to know.

The next event starts on Friday, December 11th in the ARPG Path of Exile from developer GGG (Grinding Gear Games). Players have longed for the Endless-Delve-event, now it’s finally here. We have all the information for you.

This is the Endless Delve event

What kind of event is that? The Endless-Delve-event takes place in the Azurite-mine and completely without sulphite costs for the player – this usually has to be farmed annoyingly and serves as a kind of fuel inside the mine.

Since the event is “voided”, all items, characters created especially for this purpose and game progress will be deleted after the event week. It can be played either in Standard Autark (SSF) or Hardcore Autark mode. Trading with other players is therefore not possible. During the event the player with his event character will not have access to cities or hiding spots; only the waypoint into the mine is unlocked.

NPC Niko is waiting for you in the mine

When does the event run? The event starts this week after the current event “Mayhem”.

  • The event starts on December 11th at 9:00 p.m. (CET)
  • The event ends on December 18th at 7:00 p.m. (CET)

How to participate and first steps: 30 minutes before the start of the event, you can select the flag of the event and the desired game mode in the character creation menu. You will then find yourself directly with Niko and Lilly Roth, from whom you can buy skill gems. In addition, there are special legendary items for each character class to help you get started. You will also be able to swap these among your own event characters if necessary.

At certain levels within the mine, you will unlock passive skill points that you would otherwise get when leveling in the story. Likewise, the well-known penalty for resistance from Kitava will hit you at certain points. You choose the character ascendency at the associated altar in the mine warehouse.

These are the Endless Delve Event Rewards

Here’s the prize pool: every player immediately receives a free Twilight Surprise Box as soon as their first character reaches level 50. In addition, when you reach levels 60, 70, 80, 85, 90, and 95, you have the chance to win a cosmetic item from a prize pool. So you can dust off several MTX (MicroTransactions). Each character that you lead to the respective levels in the event counts as an additional ticket. The raffle for these microtransaction prizes will not take place until the end of the event on December 18th.



This is what the best players get: The best five players in each of the 19 ascendancy classes, i.e. the sub-classes in PoE, in both versions of the event, are each rewarded with a brand new item: Demigod Authority. In addition, each of these swords shows the class rank achieved in the event, which makes these items unique. The special thing about this very simple-looking item, besides its rarity, is the status value “5 % larger character size”.

This is the increased character size: Not only in real life is it often compared who has the bigger one. With PoE there are some, albeit very rare, items that increase the player’s character. Collectors and PoE veterans achieve character enhancements of up to 96 % with several of these items.


This attracts a lot of attention in the various cities. In addition, it regularly confuses new players who believe they have met a giant while selling or walking through a city. The rewards of the event are not only extremely rare but also very popular among collectors, which means that the market value is extremely high.

Are you in the mood for the event and which build are you going to play?


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