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In the ARPG Path of Exile from the New Zealand development team Grinding Gear Games, there is a twilight mystery box for every player as a Christmas-Present. We’ll tell you how to get yours for PC, PS4, and Xbox One!

What’s going on: Every Christmas, GGG gives every Path of Exile player a Twilight Mystery Box. You can grab one until January 8th as long as your account was created before December 25th.

That’s in the box: In the developer video, you can see what can be in the box. With a bit of luck you will receive rare items such as portals or companions:

This is how you get to a Mystery Box: To get your Twilight Mystery Box, you only need to open the in-game shop in the game and your box will be activated for you.

You can find the green button to the shop in the game at the bottom right corner in the Hotbar. Alternatively, you can go straight to the shop by pressing “m” on your keyboard. After you’ve done that, you can access the box in your microtransaction menu. You can get there directly with the “n” key.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t that lucky and only got something for my hideout. How about you, are you one of the lucky ones and got one of the portals or companions?

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