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VRWERX is a VR game and 360 VR live action developer, publisher, producer, distribution company who is dedicated to bringing to life high quality AAA games for gamers worldwide. Their newest development is a first person paranormal game by the name of Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul. This new horror VR is set to hit the digital and physical shelves on March 14th in Early Access.

Implementing Scares Out of This World

This VR only title has been scaring the pants off the game journalists who have tested it so far. The reviews of The Lost Soul have been more than assuring, with a scare factor that will surely be high for players. Well known game sites like IGN, PC Gamer, Game Trailers, and HardcoreGamer are crediting the game for introducing them to a new level of fear. IGN remarked, “Scariest VR game ever!” A reviewer of HardcoreGamer simply stated, “Paranormal Activity VR will make you wet your real pants.” PC Gamer exclaimed, “I screamed out loud 3 times!” While a Game Trailers’ reviewer confesses, “It scared the crap out of me!” These reactions are a good verification that we are in for an exciting gaming experience. Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul will be available on PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. If you don’t want to miss out on this Early Access release, go out and purchase one of these VR products.

What It Reminds Us Of

The title seems comparable to Konami’s cancelled Silent Hills teaser, PT. The public’s reaction is also similar to when Alison Road was first announced shortly after Silent Hills’ cancellation. Alison Road unfortunately hasn’t had many updates since late last year, so that raises the question, do we have another Silent Hills homage game on our hands? There are also signs of influence from the Paranormal Activity film series with the game’s setting being of a typical family home with an onslaught of ongoing hauntings. As of right now, Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is seeming like a breakout hit.

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SOURCEParanormal Activity: The Lost Soul's Official Website
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