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Another indie horror game arises called Pamali. Made by the Indonesian studio Storytale Studios the game focusses on the Indonesian folklore, which might be creeper then you think. As they are on Kickstarter to fully fund their game, we checked out their free demo.

We’re never actually alone in this world. There are things that we can’t see, we can’t feel, we can’t touch. But still exists around us.

A house to clean

Apparently, your character isn’t exactly in the mood to clean his old house as strange things have been happening. When inside nothing really seems off, it’s just an old home with some cobwebs here and there. However, some random scissors and a knife are lying around and when walking around, paintings and chairs suddenly start to move. Apparently, the Kuntilanak found her residence in the house and is causing some trouble around. You will hear her cry from the rooms and we even managed to get a glance of her.

Time to clean and get out of here.

Decisions being judged

While throwing away a scissor and closing a door behind you might seem like a small action, in Pamali this actually means a lot. All your actions are being followed and your decisions will be judged. This means every player will do what he thinks is best, making it a personal experience which will lead to either an aggressive or passive encounter with the ghosts. So, beware because everything will have consequences…

Exploring the house

The other stories

In the demo, we could only play the first story. However, the developers are planning to release four stories which might change-up to six, depending on how well the Kickstarter goes. Folklore two will be about a graveyard keeper who will meet Pocong, a spirit that is unable to leave due to his unfinished business. However, folklore three is completely different as a granddaughter not only inherited wealth but also the child spirit Tuyul. As last folklore four puts you in the shoes of a mother who needs to soothe her baby while the banshee spirit Leak, longs for her.

The idea of using the Indonesian folklore surely pays off and we are looking forward to the full game. If you want to check Pamali yourselves or want to play the demo you can check their Kickstarter campaign, which has 17 days left.


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