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Overkill Software the developers of the zombie shooter Overkill’s The Walking Dead, were also represented at Gamescom 2018. The first gameplay videos appeared on the E3 in Los Angeles, but a demo was prepared for Gamescom as well.

The Walking Dead Universe

The typical The Walking Dead atmosphere was very well implemented in the game. In addition to the many crawls, you often find yourself in some wild battles. In the game, there’s a bar that shows how much noise you and your team are making during the mission. Unfortunately, we have not been able to fill this bar completely. But we can imagine that this would attract a large horde of Walkers.

Lone wolf or big community?

If you compare Overkill’s The Walking Dead with similar titles, for example with Left 4 Dead, the biggest difference is in the computer-controlled competitors (AI). While in Left 4 Dead the AI will fill your group of 4, this isn’t the case in Overkill’s The Walking Dead. If you play with less than four human players, the mission will be adjusted. So you have the opportunity to play the game alone – or in a group of up to four players. In addition, Overkill Software offers you four different levels of difficulty to choose from.

The “fifth player”

During the demo level, Almir Listo joined the presentation. He told us more about how the camp of the survivors works. The developers see this as the “fifth player”. From the camp, you can manage the missions. It offers a range of interactions and is an essential part of the game. You can use your collected supplies to upgrade your camp. In addition to the upgrades, you can craft three items during the ongoing mission. The medkit and pick locks are the same for all characters. However, the third item is unique to each of the four characters. These include, for example, tactical grenades and throwing axes.

The host of the game session is also the owner of the camp. The other players save their score on the client and can come back at any time. On your missions, you will regularly meet other survivors on which you can decide if you want to save them or not. If you save them, you will expand your fellowship as they join your camp.

Overkills The Walking Dead
Fight alone or with friends through the zombie-infested streets of Washington DC!

Games as a service

The developers of Overkill’s The Walking Dead want to develop the game over a longer period of time and work together with the community to steer the game in the right direction.

In a typical The Walking Dead manner, there will be a lot of drama, emotions, and conflicts that fundamentally shape and change the game. The developers also said that the team won’t stay the same. But they did not want to spoil anything.

In addition, a lot of DLCs are planned. Many of them are going to be free. The extensions will appear in some sort of serial format – and will include new characters. However, the final goal has not yet been reached as it requires close cooperation with the community because players can significantly influence the way. The developers also mentioned that there won’t be any microtransactions. Therefore A Pay2Win model can be excluded.

Release and Closed Beta

Overkill’s The Walking Dead will be released on November 6th  for the PC. This will be followed in February 2019 by the Xbox One and PS4 versions. In addition, there will be a closed beta in October. If you are one of the selected players it’s a great time to provide some feedback.



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