OVERKILL'S The Walking Dead

With Aidan and Maya we know two of the four characters of the horror game Overkill’s The Walking Dead. However, its time to talk about the third playable character whose name is Grant.

The zombie whisperer

So who is Grant? The trailer starts with him walking on a highway where he ends up sitting in a random car. In here he finds a picture of a young girl dressed up, which results in him sharing his memories. However, he isn’t alone as a walker is sitting in the chair next to him, forced to listen to the old man.

With some booze, he starts talking about his own granddaughter, who loves to dress up as well. But, the walker is done listening and Grant has to kill him using a teddy bear as a silencer, while the car gets surrounded by more of them. The trailer ends with the last words of Grant, where he promises to find his granddaughter.

While the trailer for the other characters revealed some possible character traits this isn’t the case for Grant. He surely knows how to survive, but besides his quest to find his granddaughter not much is revealed. In the end, this trailer was surely one of the saddest we’ve seen so far from Overkill’s The Walking Dead.

With Grant revealed there is only one more character left to announce. Yet, while we already have insight into the characters we are still waiting for some actual gameplay. So, keep tuned as we will come back to you when the last character trailer appears.

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