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Since December 2017 three character trailers from OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead got shared. Which Featured Aidan, Maya and Granddad Grant. As there are four characters in total, they just shared the final character trailer: So, be ready to meet Heather!

Though and cold-hearted

The trailer starts with Heather casually shopping in a small supermarket, while a zombie is hugging the glass from the outside. However, when three men enter the building it shows that Heather might not be as innocent. Apparently, they are looking for her and the moment they see her, a brutal fight starts.

But, Heather isn’t going to give up easily and manages to stand her ground until she gets knocked out. Then the men decide to move to the alley to take care of their wounds. As the alley is locked behind a fence they think they are safe… until Heather shows up. After waking up she somehow managed to get the keys and while closing the gate she lures the zombies by shooting a flare gun. When she finally gets her bag back, she throws the key near the men. And while they are desperately trying to find the right key, she walks off.

While we have no idea why the guys were after her, it looks like Heather is far from weak. The fighting kills in the trailer suggest she will be a good fighter and her cold-heart might be useful in dire situations.

As now all four characters are known and we even saw the making of Georgetown, people are desperately waiting on the first gameplay videos of OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead. However, word goes that these will be shown during the E3 Conference this week.


SOURCEOVERKILL Software Via Youtube
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