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In December the first character of the horror game OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead got announced. While we haven’t seen much of the game itself yet, the second character is known as well. Meet Maya, the first playable women of the game.

From saving to killing

As the trailer starts we directly get an idea of what happened as Maya is washing her bloody hands. Her eyes are staring into the distance which brings us into a flashback where bitten people are brought into the hospital. Maya seems to be one of the doctors who is treating them. However, the bitten people transform pretty fast resulting in walkers overrunning the hospital. While Maya and her co-worker are trying to barrage the doors the walkers start pouring into their room, with only one option left they start defending their lives.

While she manages to survive her co-worker isn’t that lucky as he got bitten by one of the walkers. The next scene shows him sitting in the chair and Maya standing near him, with some of his help she points a gun at him. Then the gunshot brings her back to reality where she will angrily punch the mirror and stare into it and while we look back at her, her eyes tell her story.

While the trailer of Aidan may hint at him being a fighter, Maya is clearly familiar with giving first aid to people. This might suggest that Maya has medical skills to help her throughout her journey.

With Aidan and Maya we know two of the possible four characters of OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead which comes out in fall 2018. Make sure to tune in when we have more information about the upcoming characters and the game itself.



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