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The developers of the horror game OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead have released their first developer blog where they talk about the design of the first town in The Walking Dead Universe called: Georgetown.

The Abandoned town

One of the big ideas behind creating Georgetown was the visual storytelling. The video shows apartments that give you an idea how the town looked before the walkers appeared. To make sure the world is visual appearing the environment and lighting artists work closely together.  Because of this, they made their own lighting solution in Unreal Engine where its possible to work with smaller spaces and paint with way more details inside. While the outside is often painted with bigger strokes.

If you are curious about the most important aspect of the work of an environment artist, that’s exactly what gets answered as well. Make sure to always ask yourself the question “why?”. Because when you do this, you will create a living world where everything has a meaning.

In the next developer blog of OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead they will dive deeper into the hordes and walkers, so stay tuned! In the meantime make sure to check out the articles about Aidan and Maya.


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