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The space survival game Osiris: New Dawn has just had a huge update. Developers at Fenix Fire have added all new features, biomes, aliens and mission systems to the deadly moon Proteus II.

Proteus II Map Redesign

Released today, the 27th of April, was one of Fenix Fire’s largest and most impressive updates for Osiris: New Dawn. The update centralises around the explorable moon called Proteus II, a harsh world teeming with hungry life-forms. This desert moon will be getting an upgrade, with all new biomes that will introduce different and dangerous flora and fauna. Proteus II will now be chock full of life and landmarks ready to explore. With this new content comes updated graphics and textures ready to re-immerse you all over again.

To hype us up for the update, the developers decided to deliver us a trailer showing off some of the new features and improvements.

Update Features

Listed below is everything being added in the upcoming update:

  • Proteus Level Design redux – Complete redesign of Proteus II featuring a wider variety of biomes and locations to discover
  • Mission System – Including quests and dungeons with rewards
  • New Graphics Features – Clouds, SSShadows, etc.
  • New Spaceship
  • Passenger Turret Control on GAV
  • Player Fall damage
  • Autosort when transfering inventories
  • OMPA Target Icon changed
  • Cave ceiling spawning
  • Dungeon AI
  • Vehicles can be damaged by creatures
  • New Mines
  • Dungeon System with parties
  • Vehicles have better colliders
  • Crab Queen end boss
  • Snubbs
  • Alien Eggs
  • Ranger Class
  • HAB Wall Variants
  • Vehicle Suspension Improvements
  • Water
  • Improved Melee system

Best of luck exploring the new and mysterious Proteus II in Osiris: New Dawn.

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