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There is an official Escape From Tarkov movie available on YouTube for free. The only drawback is that you have to bring some time & Russian!

Where did it come from? A few hours ago, Escape From Tarkov’s official Twitter account announced that there was a full movie about the game. It can be seen absolutely free on YouTube, but the story is not unknown.

Escape From Tarkov movie is in a different league

Always bad? There seems to be a law of nature that makes good game movies impossible. Yes, here and there we get some films that are okay and more rarely movies that are good. For example, the detective Pikachu film grossed around 432 million US dollars and is loved by critics. Weird example, but with the best will in the world I can’t think of any other good movie adaptation.

But once again, I have to sign the treaty of bad game movies. I’ll tell you that the Escape From Tarkov movie doesn’t show any completely new images. It’s a live-action film that was obviously made on a high six-figure budget.

But it’s not new. The movie consists of all five episodes of the Tarkov series “RAID”. In this you follow some BEARs and USECs through the city of Tarkov. In the Tarkov series or now Film Raid you can find out more about the Terra Group, which is operating in the background.

Continuation in progress: Even if the film is quite short with a running time of one hour, a sequel is already being worked on. This is supposed to be as long as you want. Okay, bad joke, but actually the sequel to the Tarkov movie or the Raid series is the game itself.

All events in Escape From Tarkov take place immediately after those from the film / series Raid. The developers want to keep expanding the universe. So who knows what will be waiting for you in the future.

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