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The creative minds behind Layers of Fear have a brand new horror game in the works that is sure to get your cybernetic systems pumping. Will you survive hacking on an entirely new level? Get ready for Observer to test your courage and resolve.

What Are You Afraid Of?

Observer takes place in a cyberpunk dystopian future where the elite of society have complete control. To manage the population, the corrupt government employed observers, a neural police force with the ability to hack the minds of their targets. You play as a detective and observer dropped into the Class C citizen district, a place for the forgotten and the oppressed by those above. The ability to hack someones mind is brilliant and horrifying but comes with a cost. Each time an observer delves deep into the mind of another human, they’re brought closer to insanity. The lines between reality and fiction begin to blur and not even your own thoughts can be trusted.

The PR and Marketing Director for Bloober Team, Rafal Basaj, describes Observer as true terror that takes place in an Eastern European cyberpunk universe. The newly released teaser trailer takes the viewer on a nightmarish trip through the mind and its horrific memories.

“We are focusing on deep narrative and environmental storytelling. You play as a detective and observer and use your skills to scan the environment and hack player’s fears.” – Rafal Basaj.

Observer will have its first playable demo at the current GDC (Game Developers Conference), and at PAX East in Boston from March 10th-12th. More information should surface in the next few days about this cyberpunk chiller; we will keep you posted.

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