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In a new update from the Rust developers, we learn that submarines, harpoons and entire underwater worlds will soon be implemented in the survival game!

Subnautica in Rust? It’s hard not to be excited about this news: Rust is finally getting submarines, underwater labs, and even a whole new bioms. Even the concept limbo spits out a treasure that was believed to be lost.

That’ll come with the next Rust update

Submarine is ready to dive

On the Facepunch website, the developers share every little progress in development. Not long ago, we were able to take a first look at the finished submarines, which will be moving in with one of the next updates.

However, the latest 3D model shows some changes to the one-man boat. Its fuel tank is now outside on the top of the fuselage and is bright red. Apparently, nothing has changed on the two-person submarine.rust-update-submarine-uboot

Once the boats have been introduced to Rust, you can both find and buy them from the dealer at the fishing village. Then you should stow them well in your base or at least near the shore:

Decay rates of the submarines in Rust

Indoor: no deterioration
Outside, near the coast: 240 minutes
Open sea: 180 minutes

For comparison: a normal rowing boat expires after 180 minutes on the coast and 120 minutes on the open sea. But you can not only use the submarines for safe transport. They are mainly used to explore the coming underwater world.


Underwater monument (laboratories)

Now to the attraction that requires the possession of a submarine in Rust: the underwater laboratories. They are anchored at the bottom of the sea and have to be entered via a moon pool. This is an opening in the bottom of an underwater installation.

Once you get here, you first have to find your way in the rusty tunnels – over and over again. The underwater laboratories in Rust should be generated new and differently at Wipe and on each server. So there is no layout that you can remember.

Which loot is waiting for you? It’s not entirely clear what to expect in the ocean floor labs. Presumably, however, they are also filled with armed scientists. The loot itself would have to be very high-ranking weapons, armor and / or a lot of scrap due to the effort involved.

Sharks & Harpoons

The underwater biome is to be completely revised. So far you can only find a few rocks and isolated plants under the sea. You won’t see fish or even large aquatic animals either.

Soon, however, they will be in the form of sharks. However, we expect them to only patrol at certain locations: oil platforms, container ships or the new underwater laboratories. Hopefully there will also be smaller fish that we can observe during a relaxed dive. We know this is a weird wish, but promise, we’re not roleplayers – just kidding

Limbo harpoons: what is the best way to defend yourself against carnivorous monsters underwater? Right, harpoons, and that’s exactly what you get now. They appeared in the concept limbo several years ago. Since then, it has remained quiet until today. At that time there should be harpoons in Rust with different attachments:

  • Harpoon normal
  • With catch projectile,
  • Nets
  • Climbing hook

But that doesn’t seem planned any longer, and so with the upcoming update there will only be the standard version for the time being.

rust-update-harpuneMore news in the upcoming Rust update

  • Developers are currently working on a small and a large torpedo
  • Fishing is a little easier, fish offer less resistance.
  • Cables can be removed more easily:
    • Small sections can be test-laid using preview cables
    • You can remove sections or all of the cables
    • The test generator now has more connections
  • The quality and connection of the Internet radio from the Voice-Props DLC is now better
  • On the test servers, it is possible to paste-up the wardrobe with small wooden signs.
  • Underground systems were revised
  • There are new Rust Twitch drops (via


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