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There is another gameplay trailer for the great Left 4 Dead alternative No More Room in Hell 2. It shows how brutal and detailed the co-op shooter is!

Finally new gameplay: You had to wait a long time, but now there is finally new gameplay material for No More Room in Hell 2. The predecessor, which is based on the same engine as Left 4 Dead 2, is still regarded as a brilliant alternative to the game mentioned.

Now there is new gameplay! That awaits you

That’s the trailer: New material was shared by the developer No More Room in Hell Team. Here the developers flex the muscles of their new co-op zombie shooter.

Not only is the graphics a lot nicer compared to the first part, the animations and the level of detail of the levels and figures have also increased a lot. You should think so because No More Room in Hell is still based on the Source Engine.

But my favorite remains the damage model. If you had a choice between a shooter where the effects of your shot hits are visible and one that doesn’t, which one would you choose?

Of course, the one where the head of the other person bursts like an overripe watermelon as soon as you pound it with grist. Whoever isn’t is perfectly normal!

You can also see – for the first time – that No More Room in Hell 2 also focuses on shallow puzzle elements and real mission content. So you have to calibrate radios in places. Multi-level tasks are also part of the shooter.

no more room in hell 2 minigame

What we know about the development: We do not have too much insight into the development of No More Room in Hell 2. What is really known is that the game should be released in the course of 2021.

It remains to be seen whether the community will be responsible for most of the content replenishment. After all, the hobby level designers & scripters are very familiar with the source engine.

The Unreal Engine 4 offers a lot more options, but making them palatable to the community should be a piece of work. In any case, it is not known whether there will be the possibility of creating your own content.

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