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The one year old console from Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch has some great upcoming games for horror fans. As there is nothing better than taking the horror with you while traveling, we made you a list of the upcoming horror titles.

Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is a first person horror game where you take the role of the journalist Blake Langermann. Following a trail of clues that started with the death of a pregnant women, you end up in the Arizona desert. However, you are not alone as you will meet the darkness of Sullivan Knoth and his followers.

After the release of Outlast 1 on the Nintendo store in February its time for Outlast 2 to hit the Nintendo Switch on March 27th.

The Bunker

At April 9th the first FMV game will be available on the Nintendo store, called The Bunker. In here you will play as John, who is the last survivor in a nuclear bunker. When one day an alarm goes off, he decides to venture into the bunker to reveal the dark secrets hidden there.

Little Nightmares

While the last DLC just got released on the PC, on May 18th you will be able to play Little Nightmares everywhere you go, as the complete edition will be available on the Nintendo Switch.

In this puzzle platformer you will get confronted with your childhood fears. You will need to help Six to escape the Maw which is a mysterious vessel. In rooms full of darkness and threats you will need to find a way out. In addition you are able to get the exclusive Pakku mask, by scanning the Pac-Man amiibo.

Dark Souls remastered

While the last few years PC and console players have been dying over and over again in the Dark Souls series, its time for the Nintendo fans to challenge themselves, as May 25th, the remaster of Dark Souls will hit the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully the Nintendo Switch will survive the walls when users can’t control their rage.

While Dark Souls is a third-person RPG game, the atmosphere and monsters of the game are close enough to be called a horror. By traveling through the world you will encounter bosses who happily send you to your dead.

The Town of Light

In 2016 and 2017 the psychological adventure game, The Town of Light found its way to the PC and consoles. The story of the game is set in 1938 as Renee got locked away at 16 years old because she was a danger for herself and others. Through exploring and interacting with the environment you will gather more information about her past.

At June 29th, you will be able to discover the horrific truth yourself as the game will be available for the Nintendo Switch.

Those Who Remain

Those Who Remain is the first game on this list that hasn’t been released on either platform yet, besides an announcement that it’s coming in 2018.

You will be playing as a normal guy called Edward Turner. However, the moment he arrives in the village of Dormont something is terrible off as the citizens aren’t able to leave town. But that’s not all because monsters are hiding in the shadows and the light is the only option to stay alive.

With titles as Resident Evil, Outlast 1, Layers of Fear and Don’t Knock Twice already released and the above mentioned titles upcoming, it certainly looks like 2018 is going to be a good year for the horror fans that own a Nintendo Switch.


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