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When online giant Amazon decides to use its fast-paced, near-scalable server architecture for a survival MMO, Survivethis editors are more than discreetly. What is this survival-MMO New World about?

New World: Life is Feudal

At first impression, New World is actually quite familiar to Life is Feudal: MMO. But, by using the high-performance Amazon Cloud to host the game servers, New World can enable almost an unlimited numbers of players on a server. The actual limit is set by the limits of the map, which is very large.

New World is based on one of the biggest mysteries in the American history. At the end of the 16th century, for example, dozens of members of the Roanoke colony disappeared without leaving a trace.

The MMO itself is basically based on three pillars:

  • A skill-based combat system that allows you to defeat an opponent with strong equipment, even when you have weak equipment and skill.
  • Social interactions (creation of guilds, declarations of war, claimed territories etc.).
  • The density of players in terms of the scalable player population and the resulting required map size.
New World Combat System
The combat system in New World is based on skill, so fear not when you only have some simple equipment.

First presentation at Gamescom 2018

In addition to a handful of other Journalist two members of the German Survivethis team: Sascha and Benny were among the first to witness the latest work of Amazon Game Studios – and were able to play the demo.

After being introduced to the Studio Head Patrick Gilmore the presentation begins.”We like Early Access because it allows us to gather a lot of feedback from the players during the development and use it.” After that, we were able to check out the multiplayer gameplay. The journalist’s present found themselves together in a seemingly very simple village. Except for a sword and some simple clothes the characters weren’t carrying anything. The senior producer, Michael Willette, led us with instructions through the small demo setting.

  • Initially, it was up to the journalists to build a small reservoir of resources that could be found nearby.
  •  The deposit should serve as the spawning point, to be well prepared for the next task.
  • In the next step, everyone opened the world map, on which various possible goals for the players were displayed. On the other hand, there were, of course, other camps as well as wolf packs, which could pose to be a danger in the huge open world. So, the group decided (involuntarily unanimously, of course) that the adjacent forest had to be freed from the wolf pack. After finishing the task our claim became way bigger.

Guilds, colonies, and villages

In the last demo stage, a handful of New World developers, also in the room, formed a guild that came dangerously close to the group of journalists on the world map. Was a war inevitable? Yes! Equipped with explosives, we set up our new camp in preparation for a well-informed declaration of war – this time closer to the enemy.

After clearing the way with explosives, we fought wildly with the hostile clan. Unfortunately, due to the lack of precision in pulverizing the opposing claim with the remaining explosives, some of our buddies were killed, including our own journalist Benny. Sadly, they were unable to attend the claim for… important reasons.

New World Environment Map Design
Looking at the landscape surely isn’t a waste of time!

Conclusion – Big fish, big map, big chances

We shouldn’t have to say this twice. But when Amazon designs a game with its own development studio, a flop seems anything but likely. The pre-alpha demo at Gamescom 2018 played smoothly and the controls worked smoothly as well. We believe that New World, especially under the guidance of the Internet Giant himself, has a good chance of becoming a hit. It remains to be seen whether the survival community can accept the basic idea of an MMO.


SOURCEgamescom 2018 - Offical Press Presentation by Amazon Game Studios
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