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Hunt: Showdown fans have long been waiting for a third Game-Map. Now developer Crytek gives a release period for the new map.

We know that about the map: In May of this year, a leak was published that allegedly shows the third map for the Horror-Hunting-Game Hunt: Showdown. To this day, this is only a rumor, but the screenshots look realistic.

The name of the card is apparently “Creek”. According to Insider, the card should be released this year. The release information provided by the German developer Crytek differs from the leak. This can be blamed on the Corona -Pandemic in which a lot of work was left behind.

Official information about the new Hunt: Showdown Map

These details are known about the map: Except for the release period, we currently know very little about the map – at least from the official site. Because it has long been known unofficially how the map should look.

If we believe the leak is true, the new Hunt: Showdown map differs little from the others. While the first map was completely focused on the bayou, the Lawton Delta moved geographically further north.

Then there were wide fields of wheat and railroad tracks that run through the entire map. A large fort was also used here for the first time in the game.

The third map, however, seems to take over and mix elements from its two predecessors. In addition, the leaked map looks a bit smaller than the previous ones.

What actually turns out to be true in the end has yet to be seen. But you have to wait a little longer for that.

Release of the map: According to Crytek, the new map for Hunt: Showdown should appear in the second quarter of 2021. That is the period between April and June. Our hope for a more urban map that might offer a small town á la Saint Denis from Red Dead 2 is probably too unrealistic.

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