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A few minutes ago a new trailer for the wacky Netflix animation series Love, Death & Robots was released, and it shows deeper insights into the upcoming season 2.

Fresh from the tape: It was less than 60 minutes ago that the official Netflix channel shared a second trailer on YouTube for the animated anthology Love, Death & Robots, which was acclaimed by fans and critics. The series will soon enter the second round and Netflix is ​​heating up the boiler of the hype train.

New Love, Death & Robots trailer shows a glimpse into episodes

The trailer shows that: As you may know, there isn’t just one studio working on Love, Death & Robots. Rather, many creative people get together and each create their own episode. There is no connection in the show.

This is also quickly made clear by the latest one-minute trailer, which not only shows hectic sequences of various scenes from different episodes as usual but also presents them in more detail than usual.

These are the episodes: Among other things, Netflix reveals that it contains 8 episodes in the second season of Love, Death & Robots. At one point in the trailer, there are portraits of the supposed protagonists. We speculate which scenarios this could be. When it starts on May 14th, 2021, you can look forward to the following scenarios.

These are the animation styles of Love Death & Robots Volume 2

  1. Hyperrealistic CGI: Could be Sci-Fi
  2. Animation in the style of the music video of the band “Gorillaz”: History in the present
  3. Stylized CGI: Maybe detective episode
  4. Realistic CGI: Post-apocalyptic setting
  5. Cute 3D animation: looks like this is the comedy episode with a focus on a dog
  6. Oil painting look: Plays during the industrial revolution (maybe steampunk?)
  7. Cartoon-like CGI: It seems to be about a zombie boy.
  8. Disney-style CGI: The last episode is difficult to classify, but it looks family-friendly.

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