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The first snow has fallen. So how about you get ready for winter in DayZ too? This new DayZ Winter Map brings exactly that!

Map replenishment for DayZ: The new winter map is not DayZ Namalsk, sorry, but you’ll have to wait a few more days for that. You can find out more details about the release of Namalsk in this article!

The map we’re talking about, however, is Winter Livonia and it can give you a foretaste of Adam Francu’s upcoming North Pole adventure!


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This is what awaits you at DayZ Winter Livonia

The mountains are so beautiful: You should already be familiar with the DayZ Livonia map. The terrain originally created for the military simulation Arma 3 was also implemented for DayZ at the end of 2019.

Actually, the Livonia scenario set in summer, which you can make out from the lush green treetops and meadows. A resourceful modder asked himself what the landscape would look like in snowy winter.

And the low mountain range of Livonia has rarely been as beautiful as it is here! The snow-covered hilltops and villages invite you to explore. In addition, you will not get rid of the feeling that you have to find refuge in a small house on the spot and light a fire in the fireplace – simply cozy!


You have to rethink: What do you actually wear when everything around you is white and gray? We wouldn’t recommend a green ghillie suit. Instead you should, of course, wear white. Servers that offer DayZ Winter Livonia usually also have corresponding item mods.

Just take a look around the DZSA launcher until you discover a server that meets your expectations!

What comes next to DayZ Winter Livonia?

These features are still missing: Since DayZ Winter Livonia was released recently, some important features and aspects are still missing. The winter climate doesn’t seem to have any major effect on your character yet. Admittedly, since the update 1.10 it has been pretty hard not to freeze to death, (here’s a guide for that) maybe you can see that as compensation.

If you look at the screenshots that we shared with you in this article, one thing surely catches your eye like pine needles. Literally, because the needles of the trees are still lush green.

However, the foliage of the deciduous trees is mostly correct. But one should know that even conifers do not stay completely green as soon as it gets cold outside. This is nitpicking, but we wanted to mention it anyway.


Future updates: Nothing is known about further support for the DayZ Winter Livonia map yet. So far, the modding community has had an upscale approach to their creations. So you can expect more updates, but don’t get stuck on them.


  1. Yes conifers stay green in the winter u idiot. In from Minnesota. Trust me. They don’t change. Tamarack is the only tree with needles that ever changes.

    • Hey Travis! As I wrote in the article “Not completely green”.
      But you kinda right, the wording is not the best here. I wanted to imply, that even evergreen won’t stay as bright colorful green in winter as they are in summer. And the ones you can see in Livonia Winter are clearly the normal summer ones


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