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The Italian developers e-visualsoft started their kickstarter campaign for the upcoming Survival-Sandbox-MMO New Dawn and need your help. In 34 days they want to reach 70.000€.

That’s New Dawn

New Dawn is a survival sandbox game that sends you back to the 18th century. You take the role of a native of South America and defend your island from murderous pirates.

Collect important resources to produce tools and equipment. Build your village and enslave the pirates for your own benefits. But enslaved pirates must also be supplied with food so they do not starve.

A kickstarter trailer shows new gameplay material, and the e-visualsoft developers talk about their vision of creating a survival game.


  • Slave system in which players have the opportunity to capture a pirate and use it as their worker. You must also supply them completely!
  • Establish tribes and trade with other players.
  • Small islands next to the big main island, which you can reach, among other things, by swimming or built rafts.
  • Dynamic day / night change with different weather conditions.
  • Pirate villages with plenty of loot.
  • Capture wild horses to ride on or pulls carriages left behind by pirates.
  • Build your own village!
  • Build your own food so as not to starve.
  • Gather resources and make tools.

The rewards

In every kickstarter campaign, there are rewards that will benefit the players. New Dawn also has many rewards – from a simple “thank you” and an entry to the ingame credits to a sponsored server. The already typical reward, the collaboration with the designers, must not be missing.

New Dawn
The kickstarter-rewards

The stretchgoals

The stretchgoals are still quite manageable. From the 70,000 € to the successful financing up to the console version for 450,000 €, there are various targets to achieve.

New Dawn Stretchgoals
The stretch-goals for the campaign

70,000 € in 34 days – could be scarce

Achieving € 70,000 within 34 days is not a high goal, but it could be a bit short for New Dawn. The highly successful kickstarter campaigns of other survival games like Saurian, are more of a rarity.

The Italians of e-visualsoft have a great concept and we would like to see how New Dawn is successfully financed and developed. The setting with the natives and the pirates is not new in the world history, but in the Survivalgenre still does not exist.

Developers need your help

The popularity of the studio and the game is very low, and the developers are also afraid that they will not get enough attention. But they are also trust in a successful financing.

Even if they firmly believe in their project, they ask the Survival community for help. Spread the word, support it yourself or pass on your feedback in the official Discord-Channel.


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