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The first-person narrative survival horror adventure game Narcosis is now available for PC and VR, ready to make waves for players. While the game is awaiting release on other platforms, here’s what we know.

Give Me Oxygen

Narcosis’ story unfolds deep in the ocean after an unfortunate explosion takes place. The player must use all available supplies to survive and escape. This means scavenging for oxygen tanks and flares to light up the foreboding darkness. Faced with deadly creatures, tricky navigation and a facility in ruins, the player must overcome the obstacles and maintain face before losing all hope… and sanity.

Narcosis is currently available for PC and Virtual Reality. The developers, Honor Code, Inc., partnered with Audiokinetic, HTC VIVE, ID @ Xbox, Oculus, Sony PlayStation, Steam and TwoBigEars to offer an excellent Virtual Reality experience to players. The game is expecting a release for Xbox One in mid-April and release on other platforms will follow.

The team of Honor Code, Inc. established themselves in 2014, and they are no strangers to the horror and gaming industry. They have worked on the popular titles Assassins Creed, Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill. You can readily experience their first game release now and read our review of Narcosis here.



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