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There are a lot of different horror games out there, yet Hidden Fields decided to do it all differently by hand-drawing their whole game Mundaun. Inspired by the mythical Swiss folklore and the ominous beauty of the Swiss Alps.

A thin line between myth and reality

The protagonist of the game travels to Mundaun after hearing about the mysterious death of his grandfather. Yet, he hasn’t been there since his childhood and a lot has changed, as something diabolical is haunting the remaining inhabitants. The game promises an open world feeling where you can travel around by using different vehicles.

However, during your exploring, you will need to beware of dark creatures. The goal of the protagonist is to find the secrets around his grandfather’s death, which might be darker than expected. Anyhow to get this far you will need to solve all kind of puzzles and talk to the inhabitants, who have their own language.

As there are just three people creating the game a specific release date hasn’t been set and there isn’t a steam page just yet. However, the game is planned for this fall or winter. To get notified when the game is available you can subscribe to the newsletter on their site or simply follow their social media.



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