On February 28th, Jeliliam’s PC Indie horror game Mono was officially greenlit through Steam’s Greenlight program. This comes as no surprise as the title is just another addition to the developer’s blooming portfolio.

Mono’s Horror Knows No Boundaries

Although first-person terror has become a recent trend, this newcomer aims to distinguish itself by breaking the fourth wall. In the vein of Pony Island or the Naked-Raiden section of Metal Gear Solid 2, there’s an unnerving sense that the game is aware it’s being played. Here, error notifications and glitches don’t just break the pace of gameplay; they show you how not even the game’s code will keep you safe from what’s stalking you.

Scary face.
The face of nightmares.

The preliminary success of Jeliliam’s project could’ve been a result of closely studying successful titles. Previous projects include the Final Nights series, a re-imagining of the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise with an emphasis on roaming and expanded gameplay. With influences from such a popular work, the gaming community might be in for another craze.

Interested parties can download an extended demo of Mono from here in exchange for a donation to Jeliliam.


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