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The mods that appear for DayZ are getting more and more mature. Now AI bandits & soldiers appear that players from Exile, Epoch or Wasteland have long wanted!

DayZ Mods are getting better: At first, the community only came up with small helpful modifications, such as an in-game map. Over time, these became more and more sophisticated. The DayZ expansion mod was only recently released.

There are also missions in DayZ. In these, we only compete against zombie hordes and other players. AI bandits or soldiers were not part of this. At least until now.

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Modders Working on first active Bandit-AI for DayZ

What the AI is capable of: So far, the AI bandits of the modders are able to run, sprint and shoot. Server owners can also distribute soldiers around the world who are supposed to defend a certain area.

Later, however, it will also be used to equip various missions in which there are simply many more opponents. DayZ: Epoch or Arma 3: Exile players already know the concept.


What missions can look like: missions appear on the map, AI soldiers then occupy the area and wait for players to come to clear the area.

Then a reward box appears, which is then usually fought over with the other participants in the mission. Optionally, you can also have convoys drive over the map, which must then be put out of action.

Or how about a helicopter crew protecting their crashed machine? The possibilities are almost limitless.

Youtube Interview: The Youtuber Septic Falcon conducted an interview with the developers of the mod on the video platform. This also explains how the mod came about. Nice fun fact is that the Russian community has had such a modification for months!

You can try it out here: If you are interested in trying out the mod, then you can actually do it. The server Waste-Z has already introduced the AI bandits.

So far, however, there have been no missions with them, and they currently only wander across the map and open fire on you.

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