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Shortly before Christmas 2020, Twitch streamer MissBehavin made a name for herself after exposing pretty much everything live in front of the camera. The streaming platform issued a 3-day ban, now the streamer apologizes.

That was going on: The Twitch streamer MissBehavin began to dance sensually and provocatively during a live stream. It wasn’t long before she turned away from the camera, leaned forward, and spread her lips to show the world everything she had to offer.

Twitch issued a ridiculous 3-day ban, far too indulgent for the community. She went up to the ceiling and demanded further steps against the streamer. Where others are banned for months by showing their skin, Twitch has shown mercy here – there is no official statement from Twitch.

MissBehavin nach Twitch-Strip: 3-Tage-Bann aufgehoben & noch immer Partner

MissBehavin apologizes in another Livestream

This is the current status: In another stream, which took place shortly after Christmas 2020, the streamer herself turned to her community and apologized. In the same breath, she also explains how it came about that she went on a live trip. The video starts at about 4:30 a.m.

This is what MissBehavin says: In a shaky voice, she explains what happened. She didn’t want to disrespect the Twitch community, fans, and especially the female Twitch streamers with her action. She admits that it was her sole fault and that she just wasn’t paying attention to whether her recording program was live-streaming or recording OBS.

She originally wanted to produce the video for her account on the adult platform OnlyFans, but instead of clicking on record, she clicked on Livestream. She is totally embarrassed and feels bad about it, especially since her own family has noticed.

There is nothing she can do about it, life goes on. She also thanks for the support she got from her fans and for the new followers and subs.

MissBehavinOfficial has “exploded”

This is what happened to her channel: Even if the story sounds plausible, and she accidentally streamed the strip, it still got her a big boost on Twitch.


According to the statistics on the Socialblades.com platform, MissBehavin now has almost 100,000 followers. Before the Strip, it was under 30,000. Video views have also increased dramatically.

Of the more than 70,000 new followers, some have certainly had a subscription or even registered on OnlyFans. For MissBehavin this is a real windfall.

What do you think of her apology and do you think that the whole action was a mistake or was it staged? So in the comments

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