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Mini DayZ 2 or DayZ Mobile will soon go into a Geo-Beta. Find out now what that means and when you can immerse yourself in the zombie apocalypse on mobile platforms.

What is Mini DayZ 2? The first and second Mini DayZ are spin-offs of the successful survival game DayZ, so far so clear. However, the games differ greatly from their predecessor. For example, you can control your character from a bird’s eye view (top-down view).

In addition, Mini DayZ 2 has an expandable base. Also, the game runs similar to Escape From Tarkov in raids, so you are not part of a persistent sandbox open world. Find out more about the game here!

Mini DayZ 2 in Geo-Beta: What is that?

What is a Geo-Beta? Let’s just put the name briefly in a simplified context so that it is easier to explain the meaning behind it later:

  • Geo = geographical
  • Beta = game beta

It couldn’t be easier and you could probably imagine that without me being a smart-ass.
But what exactly is that supposed to stand for now?

In the case of Mini DayZ 2, this means that not all players who are interested can participate in this beta. Only certain regions are allowed to download the game. They are:

  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Finland)
  • Philippines
  • Turkey

But that’s not the only hurdle that could keep fans from playing DayZ’s mobile offshoot. Only devices with IOS 10 or higher installed will be able to play the Mobile DayZ.


Why only these regions? Developer Bohemia Interactive explains that there are these restrictions in order to filter. The selection of the regions comes from the fact that they are representative of the different server regions of the world. Europe, Asia, North America & Oceania.

This allows the developers to collect feedback from all regions without letting too many players at once on the servers, which are probably still weak at the time.

Mobile DayZ Release: When the Mobile DayZ will also appear in the rest of the world is still unclear. As soon as it should appear, however, you will no longer need to download a beta, as it should already be fully released by then.

The following content is already available in the Geo-Beta:

  • 15 melee weapons
  • 40 ranged weapons
  • 25 raid locations
  • 16 different biomes
  • 31 production recipes
  • Complete base building

So with Mini DayZ 2 you can look forward to one of the coolest mobile games ever! This is where you get to the developer’s original post.


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