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While many players spend the long development time of DayZ posting hate messages on social media, Reddit user Criand has spent that time on a special project. For two and a half years he has worked tirelessly on his own Minecraft version of the iconic DayZ Chernarus map.

Welcome to MinecraftZ

While opinions of Minecraft are often polar opposites, even haters of the block simulator should find it difficult to dismiss such immense work. In August of 2014, Criand began his work on MinecraftZ, a DayZ map for Minecraft. His work has been on implementing the well known Chernarus map in original size, which means an area of 15616 x 14720 blocks with trees, roads and cities. To show off his handiwork, he shares an imgur album of renders of the Arma2 version of the map. Fans of DayZ should therefore notice some differences.

MinecraftZ - Chernogorsk (Moody)
The in-game view captures the DayZ mood very well – do you recognise the city?

Due to the height limits of Minecraft, some compromise was necessary, including adding a stylistic break to the famous Green Mountain antenna. Some of the placed vehicles float, but that should remind DayZ fans of the bugs that still plague their game.

The map continues to be filled with activities, with 22 firearms and various melee weapons already awaiting players. Hidden materials and numerous chest are to be hidden in the cities, as well as the requisite zombies.

For the current status of the project, you can look in the MinecraftZ subreddit. The project is planned to be completed by the end of May.

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