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The horror shooter Metro Exodus will get an Arachnophobia Edition in the coming days that will change the appearance of the spiders in Caspian-1 – “Soll” hihi.

Grounded shows the way: Similar to the shrink survival game Grounded, Metro Exodus should also get a mode that makes life easier for arachnophobes. You can now find out what exactly is behind it and why you shouldn’t take it so seriously.

Metro Exodus Edition for fearful rabbits & arachnids

That’s it: A few hours ago, the official Metro Exodus account tweeted that they were announcing a new edition. This has it all and many fans are already looking forward to it. Because the Metro Exodus Arachnophobia Edition adapts the dangerous and creepy spiders in Caspian-1.

They now have party hats on and also look a lot friendlier. In addition, they no longer attack you but celebrate with you. But if we look at today’s date, one thing becomes clear quickly…


April Fools! Of course, this downplayed version of Metro Exodus isn’t a real product, it’s an April Fool’s joke. Unfortunately, fans were happy a little too early in the Twitter comments.

But who can already see into the future? After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that an actual April Fool’s joke has suddenly actually been implemented. So claim your right to a spider-free metro experience vigorously. At some point, something will come out of it.

SOURCEMetro Official via Twitter
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