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At this years Gamescom, Konami showcased a playable demo of Metal Gear Survive. There was a lot of criticism from the community after the first reveal trailer, but we are here to ease your pain by telling you: it’s not as bad as you think. We decided to get stuck in and try the new four player Co-Op in an attempt to stay alive because that’s what we do here at Survivethis…

Four-Player Co-op vs Zombies?

Really? Can the word zombies exist in the world of Metal Gear? Of course it can’t. That’s because Zombies are NOT real despite what The Walking Dead would have us believe. The “Zombies” in Metal Gear Survive are very much the same as the dreaded parasitic Skulls unit from Metal Gear IV: The Phantom Pain. They are from a parallel world, of course.

Metal Gear resources
Collect resources to stay alive.

Like many multiplayer games on the shelves today, you have to choose from a class system which best suits your skills. The classes we got to choose from were: the hide and camp sniper, the machine gun assault class, a hard hitting melee class for up close and personal attacks and what game wouldn’t be complete without some sort of support class for those that just want to help people? Once the group is ready, we prepare for battle against “zombies” (well not quite) with your mission at hand. It’s simple: Defend the Wurmloch generator from waves of enemies heading your way.

The setup is very similar to that of Fortnite – you collect resources, build and maintain defences and go head to head with countless waves of undead/not undead. After each wave its time for a tea break with just about enough time to expand your defences or complete minor tasks AND finish your tea before picking up your weapon and going Rambo on the next wave. Tasks can reward you with stockpiles to replenish some much needed resources or sometimes maybe even some stronger equipment. The demo even scored us a couple of Walker Gears known from MGS IV, after the second wave and these guys definitely give you an edge in the ever increasing barrage of opponents.

Metal Gear Walker Gears
Return of the Walker….Gears

No Job’s Too Big or Too Small

Regular, run of the mill, John Does can be quite easily dispatched with a quick head-shot, but some of the tougher enemies require a bit more… finesse. Even sneak attacks from behind can end up being more surprising for you than they are to the enemy. Be wary of their power!

As always, armoured enemies present a tougher challenge. We found that only big bada booms or our trusty Walker Gears can make easy of these seemingly bullet resistant cats. Another big threat comes from the bombers. These gorgeous looking blister heads charge towards you with one purpose, to blow you up. The trick to these mushroom headed devils is to not let them get so close to your base. Shoot these fools at a distance whilst amongst their friends and it might pay off, taking a few of their own down with them.

Meatal Gear Bombers
Aim for the HEAD!!

Is It Fortnite?

As we have found, MG Survival has a very Fortnite feel to it, but there is a difference. Not only is MG Survival set in a different universe, but it forces players to think not only about keeping themselves from being wiped out from hordes of “Zombies”, but they have to try to stay alive by eating and drinking too, just how a true survival game should behave. Collecting resources is not the same as walking up to a tree and punching it for some wood or picking up stones from the floor, instead you have to search crates, boxes and barrels for resourceful loot in a bid to survive. Players who are willing to explore the surrounding areas will be rewarded. I wonder if the cardboard box will make an appearance…

In the trailer, the release date was hopeful for sometime this year but was officially moved to spring 2018. There was always going to be a singleplayer mode, however, no information has yet to be released. All we know is that even without former helmsman Hideo Kojima, the Metal Gear franchise is alive and kicking, and the future lies with Konami.



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