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A Mass Effect 5 trailer was featured as the final moments of the 2020 Game Awards Event. This has a highlight that fans of the original trilogy will be extremely happy about!

Shepard sequel confirmed: At the end of the Game Awards show 2020 the famous “One Last Thing” was presented. That turned out to be a new Mass Effect offshoot. As it turns out, the rumors about a direct sequel to Mass Effect 3 have been confirmed. There’s a quick summary at the end of the article!

Mass Effect 5 Trailer Shows Old Fan Favorites Back

We saw that: In the short reveal trailer of Mass Effect 5, which has neither the number in the name nor any nickname confirmed, we saw a lot that should make fans of Shepard and the original trilogy scream like 12-year-old girls — But not me! I screamed like a man.

On the one hand, we see a destroyed Reaper in the background, lying on an icy planet. So Shepard obviously made it. On the other hand, a well-known and clearly aged character appears: the female Asari “Liara T’Soni”, who has been with us since the very first Mass Effect.



Liara Gives us These Clues in the Mass Effect 5 Trailer

  • Liara met Shepard in part 1 and survived the third part
  • Since she is an Asari, she can live up to 2000 years. This, in combination with the clear signs of aging on her face, suggests that the Mass Effect 5 is taking place in the Milkyway long after the third iteration.

What is Mass Effect 5 about? We don’t know whether the Reaper threat is forever off the galactic table. In any case, the trailer for Mass Effect 5 shows a destroyed citadel and hundreds of spaceship wrecks. We also hear radio signals and reaper hums that have long been silent.

Then we see the Asari, walking along a hill slope, and at the end of the trailer, she finds a piece of Commander John Shepard’s helmet on which the N7 logo can still be seen.


Mass Effect 5 trailer information summarized

  • Mass Effect 5 takes place after the third part, possibly hundreds to 1,000 years
    We meet at least one well-known character
  • The Reaper seem defeated, or at least beaten back: but that could also be a deliberate illusion.
  • Shepard is pretty sure dead.
  • It doesn’t go back to the Andromeda Galaxy
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  1. Mass Effect 4.

    I know some people want to make a fight about this, but no agenda needed, this will/should be Mass Effect 4. MEA was not a sequel to ME3. It’s a spinoff. It begins between ME1 and ME2. Thus not in the number sequence. This is no different to Star Wars having 9 episodes so far, with 3 more coming, but we also have two side moves (Rogue 1, and Solo), as well as TV series we’ve been given and will be given soon. Just because it has the Mass Effect name, or is created within the Mass Effect universe, doesn’t mean it has to have a number. We have 11 Star Wars movies, but only 9 have Episode Numbers. In the same way, if they made a game, or trilogy about the first contact wars with the Turians, those would not receive numbers. It would likely be something like Mass Effect: First Contact, or something like that.


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